Oregon Sheriffs Launch First Salvo Against Bloomberg’s 50 Million Dollar Gun Grabbers


Sheriffs around the country are the last bastion of law enforcement fighting for our gun rights at great personal expense. A fight is going on right now in Oregon in which they are playing their part. They are up against the multi-million dollar campaigns and elected officials of New York’s Michael Bloomberg, the Brady campaign and the Giffords along with their falsified research and references to a gun crime that is being used as the impetus for what is clearly an unconstitutional gun law.

Breitbart News reported earlier this month that the push for expanded background checks in Oregon is being spearheaded by state senator Floyd Prozanski (D-Eugene). His efforts are strongly supported by the gun grabbers.

Oregon Democrats stood with Gabby Giffords and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence to push expanded background checks on April 1, but Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer stood for the law-abiding citizens. He described this gun control push as “borderline treasonous.”

He said he will not enforce the law – there’s zero chance.

Sheriff Palmer said the background checks are a nightmare for law enforcement who will bear responsibility for deciding when a background check should take place and when it shouldn’t.

Politicians make the unconstitutional laws but give the responsibility and all blame to others.

Senate passage of the bill was preordained when Democrats won two additional Senate seats in the elections last year, giving them the votes to move a measure that stalled in the last two sessions.

Everytown for Gun Safety, which billionaire Michael Bloomberg said he planned to fund with $50 million, helped win those two Democratic seats. This year, the group has been lobbying and advertising in favor of the Oregon measure for universal background checks among other very harsh measures.

Unsurprisingly, the Oregon Senate passed SB 941 on April 14. It’s the universal gun owner registration bill.

According to the Oregon Firearms Federation:

“The usual false statistics were trotted out by the anti-gunners. The truth about what this bill will do was hidden. The complications and contradictions contained in the bill were lied about.”

“When asked what would happen if a person wanted to store his guns in a friend’s safe (since this would be illegal under the bill) Prozanski said that maybe the local DA would just ‘choose not to prosecute,’” The Federation author wrote.

The bill has its leftist LGBT agenda components.

This bill “allows you to transfer a firearm to the spouse or gay lover of a family member if you KNOW the family member is a felon, but not to a heterosexual girlfriend or boyfriend you live with”.

“The bill completely outlaws transfers of handguns to persons 18-21 years of age if they are not a relative. Of course, there’s plenty more that makes this bill a nightmare.”

Nonetheless, a fast track bill was promised through the House as resistance mounts in some cities.

On the 16th, the Firearms Federation reported that the Senate Judiciary Committee held another hearing attacking Oregonians’ rights, SB 945. 945 will require that you keep firearms locked up.

The Federation said that the “Chief Sponsor is Senator Elizabeth Hayward whose comments on the floor debate on the 15th for the universal gun registration bill (SB 941) “demonstrated she has no idea what the law actually says or is willing to lie about it. It tells you all you need to know about the Democrat’s agenda that while Hayward is demanding that you keep firearms locked up, she voted for a bill that would make you a criminal if you locked up firearms for a friend or neighbor!”

Opposition is building among sheriffs.

Sheriff Dave Daniel said Tuesday that a proposed state law expanding background checks would violate the Josephine County charter and he will not enforce it.

“I can’t enforce that law, so therefore it won’t be enforced — it doesn’t fit on my scale of priorities,” Daniel said of the proposed misdemeanor offense. “I have felonies going on daily in Josephine County — that’s my priority,” reported the Herald and News.

Sheriff John Hamlin said the law will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals. What “he fears most is we are going to create more criminals, and specifically felonious criminals out of our most ordinary, law-abiding citizens.”

His county is a timber-harvest-dependent budget and it is shrinking. He doesn’t know how he can enforce this law. He has enough trouble handling everyday incidents and can’t be expected to run down background checks – it would be nearly impossible.

Yesterday, Sheriff Tim Svenson said he will not abide by the laws. He said that the new law provides no additional protection to citizens. Criminals will continue to get guns by other means. He said it creates barriers to law-abiding citizens. They will be at risk of being charged and prosecuted as they have been before. It will be very difficult for law enforcement to enforce. There was no consideration of the costs. He is voicing his concerns because he has heard that the bill will be pushed through no matter what.

He urged the legislators to listen to the sheriffs which they have not done.

The Oregon Firearms Federation has been encouraging the 36 counties in Oregon to adopt pro-firearms resolutions thereby sending a message to the legislators in Salem that the individual counties will not bow down to ANY additional anti-Second Amendment legislation.

The Counties in green are the counties that have supported the cause.


NYC’s Bloomberg might have bought Oregon but it might also be termporary.

According to The Oregonian, papers were filed Wednesday against State Senator Chuck Riley and State Representative Susan McLain, who are in their first terms.

Riley received money from former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his campaign where he narrowly defeated the Republican incumbent. McLain and Riley sponsored the gun control bill, SB941.

Both are part of an expanded Democratic majority enabled, in part, by campaign donations from gun-control advocates, according to The Oregonian.

Papers were also filed against state House Majority Leader Val Hoyle, who expected this ridiculous legislation to move quickly through her chamber. More recalls are to come.

Hopefully Oregon won’t lose their Second Amendment as we have here in New York under the Bloombergs and other gun grabbers.

The leftists buying these candidates are calling the people who want to keep the Second Amendment “right wing radicals” when in fact they are the radicals – far-left radicals.

In March, Floyd Prozanski admitted that criminals will still get the guns, they just won’t have “easy access” he believes. They are going to get a gun, he admits. He won’t stop anyone from getting a gun if they want one.

All this man is doing is making it hard for law-abiding citizens to get a gun.

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