Oregon Wildlife Standoff: All Are INNOCENT!


On all but one charge, Ammon and Ryan Bundy and five of their followers, were found not guilty on all but one charge and no agreement was reached on that remaining charge. They had taken over the Oregon Wildlife Refuge in January.

The conspiracy trial against Ammon Bundy and six co-defendants reached unanimous rulings on the charges.

Ammon Bundy and the six-co-defendants were charged with conspiring to impede federal employees at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge through intimidation, threat or force stemming from the 41-day occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Four of the seven defendants were charged with possessing guns in a federal facility. Two of the defendants each face an additional charge of theft of government property.

No one was in the small refuge building when they took it over.


The elites in the media and in our government – state and federal – were thrown by the takeover of the little remote outpost because the men were armed and they don’t understand they are allowed to be armed. Yet, they praised the violent takeover of the streets of our major cities by the Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter crews.

The standoff in Oregon at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge was meant to be a peaceful protest. The protesters brought their sidearms because it’s their Second Amendment right and it’s the West, not New York City where only gangbangers and police carry guns.

However misguided their idea was or was not, the causes they were standing up for were the perceived and real injustices heaped on ranchers and farmers by government, specifically the BLM, and the liberal courts.

The approach the Bundys and their men took was ill-conceived and we’re not trying to defend it but are they terrorists? That was the government’s opinion.

This standoff began over the ongoing maltreatment of the farmers and ranchers of the West as the government squeezes them off their land. The government unconstitutionally owns 25% of the land in the United States and over 50% of the land in the West but they want more, especially the mineral-rich lands.

The DOJ was seeking legal changes that would allow the government to treat domestic anti-government terrorists as if they were ISIS.

They want to combat the “clear and present danger” of extremist domestic groups, they say.

That wasn’t what these men were doing. They believed what they were doing was engaging in civil disobedience and nothing more. They didn’t threaten anyone or use their firearms. It was the state police who murdered one of the cowboys, LaVoy Finicum.

The case that brought this about was that of the Hammond family who had done what ranchers had done for centuries – they set off prescribed fires that mistakenly went on to federal lands, they say by accident.

No damage was incurred and it in fact served to benefit the federal lands.

The Hammond family
The Hammond family

The ranchers, Dwight Hammond 73, and Steven Hammond 46, were convicted of arson, though they were actually prescribed fires that grew out of control. They were sentenced. Both served their sentences of 3 months for the father and one year for the son.

Prescribed fires are a normal part of ranching but when the Bureau of Land Management sets them and they go awry, nothing happens to their employees.

What made the story so egregious was the federal government decided the judge who sentenced them should have put each in a federal pen for five years and took over the case, re-sentencing them ten years after the fact and declared them DOMESTIC TERRORISTS so the federal government could level the harsh sentences.

They were sent to jail for five years, ten years after the first case, and five years after the second, in what looks vengeful on the part of the government.

Five years is a very long time for someone 73 years old.

They are appealing and disavowed the actions taken by the Bundys.

The Bundys continued the protest on behalf of the stolen lands and abuse of farmers and ranchers by the tyrants at the Bureau of Land Management.

They’re just cowboys who were trying to stand up for their rights.

The best part is it will really irk the DoJ though knowing this Department of Injustice, they’ll try them again if they can. Only leftists can protest.



  1. Toleration breeds contempt and the Government will continue to violate private property rights until they are stopped, and stopped cold. The time is now! Vote Trump and get the BLM out of the West.

  2. The approach the Bundys and their men took was ill-conceived and we’re not trying to defend it but are they terrorists? That was the government’s opinion.

    The left believes all white blue collar males are the enemy.

    • Please don’t compare me to the government, I hate them lol The only reason I thought it ill-conceived is because they made targets of themselves but I fully respect what they did and am glad there are still people like them. I’ve been very supportive of them.

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