O’Reilly Addresses The Cancellation of the Climate Change Hysteria Treaty


Bill O’Reilly reviewed President Trump’s decision to leave the climate change hysteria treaty during his podcast on Thursday.

According to the President, O’Reilly says, the Green Climate fund, established as part of the deal, will cost the U.S. more than two-and-a-half million jobs in the short term and 3 trillion dollars in the long term.

There is also no accountability built into the fund. We have no idea how U.S. funds will be used — it would become an ATM of U.S. tax dollars to the global government.

The U.S. would have to pay India for doing what they are doing anyway. Most of the other countries weren’t giving the fund any money.

Big green Germany, the nation that is crazed over the U.S. dropping out of the pact, has increased their coal use by 20 percent this year alone, according to the Wall Street Journal.

If everyone in the agreement does what they are supposed to do, which they don’t have to do, it would only affect the emissions by two-tenths of one percent by 2100, if it even does that.


Watch some brief climate hysteria clips along with some sober comments. It presents a clear picture of what is actually going on.

The entire world is going nuts, celebrities especially, including 1%er Moore.

The hard-left ACLU doesn’t like it.

Big jet, huge yacht, enormous carbon footprint De Caprio is upset.

Americans do want a cleaner planet, absolutely, but Americans need to know that the Paris Accord didn’t do that. It doesn’t do anything because big polluters like China and India don’t have to do a thing for years, if ever.  In fact, the entire deal is voluntary and non-binding. No one has to do anything but what is certain is that it would have cost the U.S. a fortune — trillions of dollars down the road.

The Paris accord/treaty established transnational governance and promised to step all over our sovereignty and Constitution.

Americans should know that we are among the least polluted of nations.

Interestingly, climate change is last on the list of Americans’ concerns.

The biggest polluter is China and the EU is close to the U.S. though we understand they both have larger populations.

However, in the Paris deal, the EU doesn’t have to do much. It was a great deal for everyone but the United States.


  1. No one is looking behind the scenes as to whose big pockets will benefit by continuing the Paris “treaty”. ( It won’t be the people of the United States of America. Why are Americans so naïve so easily manipulatable? (sp?) The mass hysteria lacks any thought, it reminds me of a small town old Baptist revival. Stop! Think through the issues. don’t you realize how you are being manipulated. Shudder for your future when you bite into the apple provided for you by Rachel Madcow and others.

  2. The air in India and China is awful. People that travel there tell me of severe problems. People are choking. Chinese media admits the problem! For the air to be so bad there means that these nations are not using pollution technology the US implemented over 30 years ago. These nations are irresponsible. The issue is then not carbon based fuels, but the policies of these nations.

    From what I saw of O’Reilly’s show, I doubt he covered the climate science hoax or had decent knowledgeable guests on the subject, as he seemed to be allergic to hardcore conservatives. Lord Monkton is an example.

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