O’Reilly Made This Observation About Obama Picking A Nominee for SCOTUS


o'reilly copyClueless?

Bill O’Reilly interviewed former mayor Rudy Guiliani on his show Tuesday night. Both are a bit clueless on the issue and it’s hard to understand why.

Both men have said in the past that Barack Obama is at least a quasi-Socialist fundamentally changing who we are as Americans.

Guiliani was asked by O’Reilly if Obama should be able to appoint a nominee to the Supreme Court and he responded by explaining how Obama did it to himself by ignoring Congress.

The Senate Judiciary committee said they won’t even take his nominees, O’Reilly added as if that was an extreme position.

The former mayor of New York City chuckled as he said he would have accepted the nominees and voted them down but O’Reilly then asked if it is about revenge, Guiliani said no and O’Reilly followed up with, “you wouldn’t turn down a good judge?” to which Guiliani said “No, no.”

As if that were even possible unless they mean a good leftist judge.

“I don’t want another ideological judge, I want another Kennedy, I don’t want another ideological judge” O’Reilly insisted.

Kennedy often sides with the left and has recently violated the Constitution on the issue of marriage. Putting the issue aside, Justice Kennedy legislated from the bench and ignored all state laws to do it.

If we didn’t have four leftist ideologues who would like to change the Constitution, we might be able to seek out a non-ideological judge if such a judge exists.

For some reason, Guiliani and O’Reilly both thought Republicans should have said nothing for a week.

They’re absolutely clueless. If a judge gets to the floor, the Democrats will play the racism or sexism game, whatever seems relevant, but if there is a blanket denial of all nominees, the Democrats can’t do that.

Rpublicans finally got smart.

We have four ideological judges on the left and three on the right with a Justice Kennedy who violates the Constitution because he’s not “ideological” when it comes to the Constitution. Justice Roberts violated the Constitution to allow Obamacare. We need a judge who is a constitutionalist and no more judges who see the Constitution as a “living” document to be altered according to some emotional crusade marching through the country at the time.

It’s not ideological to adhere to the Constitution.

While they didn’t bring up all the Democrats who in the past have said a nominee should not be approved in a president’s last year, they did agree the Senate has the right of advice and consent.

They’re still clueless.

The moral of this story is don’t let bloviating talking heads in the media determine your opinions.



  1. O’Reilly is a liberal, largely guided by his Church leaders. He pretends to be or is ignorant of the history of the entire matter. Here we have the first time McConnell may actually not concede to Obama, and O’Reilly predictably starts arguing against it.

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