O’Reilly Makes an Unsettling Prediction About Trump’s Future


President Donald Trump won’t last four years in the White House if he doesn’t get the ball rolling on tax reform, Bill O’Reilly told Glenn Beck Friday.

“I think the president has got to stop everything and just, you know, get into the tax cut business and get in fast,” O’Reilly said, adding that Trump won’t “have any power” if he doesn’t, because the Republican Party “is turning on him.”

Glenn asked him if he’ll be impeached. O’Reilly responded by saying that once Trump loses his base, the congressional Republicans will “walk away”.

“Then the bad guys come in, and they’re going to throw everything at him.  They’ll trump up stuff, they’ll make up stuff,” he asserted. “[I]f he loses his support, and he hasn’t so far. His people are staying with him.”

He mentioned the tax cuts.

Tax cuts are stalled in Congress because Obamacare is going nowhere.

“If Congress doesn’t pass tax cuts, [Trump’s] base will erode, and then the wolves will eat,” Beck warned.  “And I think [O’Reilly’s] exactly right.”


  1. This is utter nonsense. Congress is delaying/blocking everything. The party is against him, so cannot turn on him. O’Reilly is an ally to only himself. He has let conservatives down numerous times on big things. For example his endorsement of the 2006 & 2013 amnesty bills. And, the way he warmed up to Obama in 2008 & 2012.

    We are still waiting for O’Reilly to come out with the “real story” on his dismissal.

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