Osama bin Laden’s Sty

Osama bin Laden

Videos of Osama and of his lair have been released by Al Jazeera. This video shows an older, grayer, bin than we are used to. There is no sound but he can be seen flipping channels to watch himself on news reports. He reportedly dyed his beard because appearance to the outside world was extremely important to him. Time reports that Al Qaeda used the compound as the command-and-control center for their attacks.

And here it is, the sty they lived in. The youngest wife said she didn’t leave this house for 5 or 6 years. There is garbage strewn about and it is dark and dreary. At one point, the reporter says it’s a comfortable house though it doesn’t seem like the most pleasant place to live. Is he joking? It’s as bad as any cave he might have chosen. Might as well have been a cave.

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Amal al-Sadifah, youngest wife of Osama bin-Laden, was meek, shy and confidant. She was sold to the terror chief for $5000, some jewelry and other trinkets. Read here: Sold