Osama’s Son-in-Law Mirandized and Lawyered Up

Abut Ghaith and Osama bin Laden
Abu Ghaith and Osama bin Laden


Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law, Suleiman Abu Ghaith was charged with conspiring to kill US nationals today, Friday in a NY criminal court. He was charged with appearing in a video the day after 9/11 to warn of more attacks. He filmed a second video warning Muslims in America to not travel by plane. He was an official al Qaeda spokesperson for some time after the 9/11 attacks.

He pled not guilty.

Holder got his NY trial. When the 9/11 terrorists were scheduled to be tried in New York City, the move was met by outrage. Holder was forced to reverse the decision.

He didn’t let the idea die however. He waited for his moment and made certain that the American public and Congress had no forewarning – no time to react. He knew that Americans would grow apathetic, having become used to the idea of trying terrorists in NY.

CNN thinks that bringing Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law, Abu Ghaith, to New York City and trying him as an ordinary criminal makes sense because Obama wants to close GITMO and NY has a 100% conviction rate. The apologists for terrorists feel that Abu Ghaith is not that bad since he once was a teacher and was merely an al Qaeda spokesperson years ago.

This administration insists on ignoring the war on terror and pretending that terrorists are criminals to be dealt with in criminal court. Osama’s son-in-law was mirandized and has lawyered up. We will never get intel from him and he will cop a plea.

What CNN doesn’t mention when they talk about NY’s 100% conviction rate is the plea bargaining that takes place, giving lighter sentences to terrorists who should never be released. It also gives them the opportunity to radicalize other prisoners in a prison that is not isolated like GITMO.

Abu Ghaith has been afforded all the rights of a U.S. Citizen after promoting the murder of almost 3,000 people on 9/11. He will have the opportunity to pontificate and further his agenda. He will be a hero and a martyr only blocks from Ground Zero.

The point the administration is making is that any terrorist who is complicit in the murders of people, including our citizens, on US soil is entitled to the full protections of our Constitution. Yet, it was only two days ago, that Rand Paul and Ted Cruz had to batter Eric Holder into saying that US citizens will not be attacked with a drone on US soil if the threat is not imminent.

The administration will have a flashy trial in NY at the expense of making us appear weak. The flashy trial and making the point takes precedence over our image in the world.

Bush authorized the trials of enemy combatants by military tribunals in early 2000. His opponents have demanded that combatants be tried in criminal court and afforded the rights of US citizens.

Discover the Networks quoted the 2001 Defense Department statement:

The Defense Department explained that military tribunals were designed to deal with offenses committed in the context of warfare — transgressions such as pillaging; terrorism; killing or attacking civilians; taking hostages; employing poison or analogous weapons; using civilians as human shields; torture; mutilation or maiming; improperly using a flag of surrender; desecrating or abusing a dead body; rape; hijacking or hazarding a vessel or aircraft; aiding the enemy; spying; providing false testimony or perjury; soliciting others to commit offenses that are triable by military jurisprudence; and intending or conspiring to commit, or to aid in the commission of, such crimes.

The left believes in a far narrower guideline and has gone so far as to demand Miranda rights for prisoners on the battlefield.

The view of the GOP:

via Odelezo Santos

Where are we going to get all the money to put this man on trial with Sequester and all? It will cost millions. We could have simply housed him in GITMO. We have video proof of his guilt though a good lawyer can weasel him into a good deal.

The trial of Abu Ghaith in NY is intended to be a PR moment for this administration.

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