OSU Terrorism Exposes Irony/Idiocy on “Sanctuary” Campuses



If anyone needed more proof that a whole host of college coeds, professors, and administrators are living in an alternate universe, just look at the growing movement even after OSU terrorism, to unwittingly make their own mystical safe havens, a more dangerous place.

In spite of this latest attack, there are petitions being circulated among numerous “institutions of higher learning”, demanding those bubbles become “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens. It’s enough to make one wonder, if given the current state of U. S. education, these “scholars” and their mentors are able to recognize and comprehend irony when they not only see it, but are a huge part of it.

Consider the stunning, obvious contradictions in their position. In spite of students’ highly publicized calls to end micro-aggressions, while pleading for safe spaces and trigger warnings, these same folks are now prepared to offer a warm welcome to wholly unvetted immigrants. This, despite an increasing number of these strangers coming from areas populated by terrorists.

Recent tracking shows that while the number of undocumented Mexicans has declined in recent years, illegals from terrorism hotbeds in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa have risen. According to Pew “the number of unauthorized immigrants from nations other than Mexico grew by 325,000 since 2009, to an estimated 5.3 million in 2014.”

The Ohio State attacker, Abdul Razak Ali Artan made the journey from sub-Saharan Somalia, to Pakistan, before being reviewed by authorities and admitted to the USA. He and his family were given plenty of tax payer help and an opportunity to live the American dream, yet Abdul somehow became inspired to kill innocent fellow classmates; simply because they were Americans.

Ali Artan didn’t steal traumatized students’ teddy bears, taunt them over Trump’s victory, or use politically incorrect banned words to make his point. He just got in his car, armed himself with a butcher knife and followed the instructions recently provided by ISIS. After plowing his vehicle through a group of unsuspecting innocents, he emerged, weapon in hand, slashing and stabbing those who, like our very nation, had initially offered Abdul assistance.

On top of all this, we very recently learned the would be killer was enrolled in a course, “Crossing Identity Boundaries”, that required a group project on “micro-aggressions” be submitted later in the week. According to the syllabus, this assignment, “worth 15 percent of his grade, required students to find a dozen examples of micro-aggressions on social media and explain which identity groups were the victims.”

Well the Somali-Pakistani refugee found a victim, and it was him, Abdul Ali Razak Artan.   Unfortunately for his 11 victims at OSU, apparently Abdul’s idea of following the curriculum’s call to become an “actively engaged socially just global leader”, was for him to engage in jihad. His mission was mercifully short circuited only through the timely marksmanship of a heroic police officer.

If a continued lack of coed critical thinking fails to recognize the striking contradictions in their calls for sanctuary campuses and this terrorist assault, then the irony could become idiocy, and a deadly idiocy at that.








  1. From kindergarten on up, we have, and are, failing our kids. Academically and in every way, most American parents have put their faith and trust in educators the majority of whom FAR from deserve it, have earned it.

    Universities have LONG been hot beds of communism, socialism. Way back in the 1960’s, my brother, a Conservative kid, disagreed with a very liberal professor. He was threatened with expulsion by that professor.

    While Progressives have long been the driving force on campuses, like Obama himself, they have gone way too far with their infectious, tyrannical, closed minded anti-American ideologies.

    In my experience, there is but one thing which “trumps” these dangerous ideologies and it is this: hit them where it hurts, in their wallets.

    Federal funding and grants to universities: Tax payers are funding, footing much of the bills supporting these colleges and universities; Alumni associations, big donors, are kings/queens on campus. It’s time to attach many strings to all the monies flowing into these dens of anti-American activities.

    It’s time PARENTS start doing some real soul searching before turning their children over to these places of higher education. And when parents refuse to send their kids to these schools for the purpose of allowing them to be brainwashed by them, let them know in no uncertain terms, WHY their kids will not be attending.

    It is time we bring considerable pressure to bear upon college campuses across America. Clean up your act or suffer the only consequences you understand: Bankruptcy

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