Our Criminal Justice System Is In the Hands of a Delusional President



Barack Obama has people convinced that drug dealers are non-violent criminals and he’s started the release of what could be up to 107,000 Federal drug prisoners. Barack Obama sees the criminal justice system as more of a social work policing system where most get sent to rehab. We do that already but he wants more much more.

Deputy Attorney General Sally Quillian Yates gave a speech to Columbia Law School Thursday to rave about a program called Turning Points and she pointed out that one of the cornerstones of the program is cognitive therapy.

This is the example of a success story purposed to get criminals to think differently:

“Turning Leaf participants told me that they had developed their own hand gesture. Every time they got angry, or thought about lashing out, or were tempted to do something they shouldn’t, they would lift their index and middle fingers and put them on their temple. It was a small way of saying to themselves, “Stop. Think about what you’re doing.” It gave them an extra moment to reflect on their decision-making.”

This clearly won’t work for drug dealers who are violent. They are not non-violent. One of their necessary accoutrements is a gun. Hardened criminals will not respond to costly cognitive therapy programs longer than it takes them to realize they don’t want to work for a living.

“Today, there are 2.2 million people behind bars in America and millions more on parole or probation. Every year, we spend $80 billion in taxpayer dollars to keep people incarcerated. Many are non-violent offenders serving unnecessarily long sentences,” the president said in a video released Saturday. “Over the course of this year, I’ve been talking to folks around the country about reforming our criminal justice system to make it smarter, fairer and more effective.”

“Everyone has a role to play, from businesses that are hiring ex-offenders to philanthropies that are supporting education and training programs,” Mr. Obama said.

The Equal Opportunity Employment Office has made it all but illegal to not hire former criminals. It’s bigotry they say!

Obama promised to continue pushing for bipartisan reform proposals, including a Senate bill that would reduce mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders. The legislation would also provide prisoners with shorter sentences if they participated in programs that would make them less likely to repeat their offense.

“Having millions of people in the criminal justice system, without any ability to find a job after release, is unsustainable,” he said. “It’s bad for communities, and it’s bad for our economy.”

We all agree with that but his approach will be all wrong for America.

Criminal justice reform would make a lot more sense in the hands of a normal president. Half the time, Obama looks and sounds like he’s on drugs himself.

When Michael Brown – a criminal – was shot by a white police officer, the DOJ report indicated they didn’t have evidence to charge the officer. Barack Obama was regretful and talked about how the rules have to be relaxed to allow the determination to be based on more supposition.

He’s lawless and anything he will propose will be lawless also.


Source: CBS News