Our Fundamental Transformation Into a Statist Rathole



My doctor has been struggling with the new reality that Obamacare brings. She left practice in Canada to get away from socialism and now she’s disappointed that she has to deal with it here. I told her we were becoming socialists and she said we are way past socialism.

We’ve had a taste of what life will be like when the only party is the Democrat/Socialist party. How do you like it so far?

Once they have flooded the country with Democratic voters from foreign lands who are beholding to them, we will have no choice. We will all get to vote for Democrats.

The Democrat/Socialist Party is comprised of some very arrogant people. They know everything and they think they have the right to inflict their ideals on everyone else. They are also very bad for the economy.

Freedom will only exist as they allow it to exist.

If you don’t agree with gay marriage, you will face censure and at some point, if you disagree with it, you might be sent to re-education camp.

You used to be able to pick your own doctor and hospital. Once upon a time, medical devices were affordable. Non-generic drugs were also accessible. That is no more. All the efforts that unions put into getting good health insurance at companies will be lost because employer-based health insurance is a thing of the past. Choice is gone. There is no choice in Obamacare.

We are all going to be in the same position as the veterans and we know how that will work out.

Obamacare did not live up to any of its promises but anyone who thought it would wasn’t paying attention. It’s not cheaper, you can’t keep your doctor, and it doesn’t even cover the uninsured. It does put more people on Medicaid – healthcare welfare.

Doctors are now employees of the government and hospitals are government hospitals.

Americans have lost their most important freedom – control of their own healthcare.

Everything Mr. Obama does about voter IDs is meant to corrupt the vote as is the endless illegal immigration facilitated by illegal laws, the breaking of laws, and the open borders.

We have children in diapers waddling across our borders, does anyone believe terrorists won’t be able to get across? We know that terrorists are working with drug cartels in Mexico, Central America and South America.

Mr. Obama doesn’t seem to care that some of the people coming in illegally are probably criminals and terrorists. The reason he doesn’t seem to care is because he doesn’t care. He wants to transform us and it’s a small price to pay.

His support for terrorists and terrorist nations is what it appears to be – support for terrorists and terrorist nations.

He supports Hamas and wants Israel to negotiate with them. A Hamas leader admitted to being behind the recent kidnapping and murders of three Israeli teens. We have given them $47 million for their alleged humanitarian needs since the kidnaping and murders.

We are even bullying Israel into pointless ceasefires as we cozy up to terrorist nations like Qatar and consult with the anti-Israel Erdogan about Israel.

A deal with Iran is without merit. There is no deal and there are no negotiations. Iran knows it can be within striking distance of a nuclear bomb and no one will stop them. That’s the deal.

The scandals have proven that this administration is deceitful, non-transparent, and will do anything to shut down opposition.

The IRS is being used to target innocent opponents. The AP, Risen and Rosen scandals all have the same goal. Liberals are even complaining.

As reporter James Risen said, “A lot of people still think this is some kind of game or signal or spin. They don’t want to believe that Obama wants to crack down on the press and whistleblowers. But he does. He’s the greatest enemy to press freedom in a generation.”

Benghazi was a cover up to protect their narcissistic selves and perhaps to conceal arms trades.

Fast & Furious highlighted the incompetence of this government. They sold arms to Mexican drug cartels and didn’t track them! When people say it had the underlying motive of damaging the Second Amendment, one can see why they might think that.

This administration will do what it can to disarm us. A Second Amendment gives the people too much power. He wants us completely at the government’s mercy.

We’ve withdrawn from the world stage because Mr. Obama doesn’t want winners as he told Tom Friedman of the NY Times in an interview. He definitely doesn’t want the U.S. to be winners.

We have not supplied arms to Ukraine and the Peshmerger but we did send $500 million to the Palestinian Authority who seek the destruction of our ally, Israel.

Why does Mr. Obama alienate our allies and bow to our enemies? Because that’s how he feels of course.

We are quickly becoming a welfare state. With countless poor, uneducated people storming across our borders and people being encouraged to stay home and paint, it won’t take long.

When Mr. Obama goes off golfing without a care in the world, smiling and laughing within six minutes of giving his wandering speech about an American who was tortured and beheaded, what do you think is going on there? I’ll tell you what is going on. He doesn’t care! He cares about golf, he doesn’t care about Americans.

Do people honestly believe he believes in God? Why would they?

Mr. Obama surrounds himself with incompetent sycophants so he doesn’t have to hear dissenting voices. He has statists like John Podesta writing legislation from the White House and our Congress is cowed.

Americans aren’t allowed to visit the White House. Early on, Michelle complained about the intrusion. However, vicious, murderous African dictators are feted there. This is who Obama is.

The Constitution is not being followed. Common Core’s vision is to teach the Constitution as a “living” document to be morphed at the will of the elites.

A perfect example of twisting the constitutional rights of Americans can be seen in the vigilantism being encouraged by Eric Holder and Barack Obama in the Michael Brown-Darren Wilson case in Ferguson. Foolish people follow their leadership and their leadership is taking them into a very dark place where people can be deprived of their constitutional rights and be subjected to the abuse of government on a whim.

Eric Holder and Missouri’s governor, Jay Nixon, have already convicted the Missouri cop without all the evidence and without a trial. They are martialing the people to help lynch him.

Under this administration, freedom of religion doesn’t exist unless the government says it does and to the degree the government says it does. That is what the individual mandate is about – controlling religion and making it subservient to the government.

Barack Obama was brought up by communists and spent years in Indonesia. He relates to his communist family, his childhood in Indonesia, his father’s country of Kenya and his father’s and stepfather’s religion – Islam. His experience has less similarity to American Blacks than mine. He is not a typical American. He sees the U.S. as the biggest problem in the world instead of the answer to the problems in the world.

Barack Obama can’t possibly believe in freedom, all he wants to do is take it away.

When you wonder why Mr. Obama is doing what he is doing, don’t wonder, just look at what he is doing and take it at face value.

The media is complicit. They are no longer the watchdogs.

It won’t take long to make us into a statist hellhole. We’re on the path.