Our Government Can Do Anything It Wants


When the airlines left people on the tarmac in the past, they were castigated, fined and regulated. When the government decides to do it, they just do it and let the airlines take the blame. The government held a United Airlines plane for more than four hours in Newark, New Jersey this week because a passenger began to vomit during the flight.

Passengers were only told that the CDC was investigating the sick passenger, and that was said until an hour passed. Passengers were angry with the airline but what did the airline know? The government told them nothing.

The passenger left from Brussels. It is not clear if he began his journey in West Africa.

Our government is relying on other countries, many of which are Third and Fifth World nations, to do a good job of screening and that is just not happening.

With Ebola, the symptoms of a patient can go from a low-grade fever to 105 degrees in minutes.

A spouse of one of the passengers said those on board the flight were kept in the dark as to the reason they weren’t being released from the flight.

Anyone waiting for the passengers was also kept in the dark.

There was no sanitation provided, no cleaning materials given to passengers.

The government has not set any protocols for sanitation, even after the embarrassing fiasco this past week when the exposed family members of Thomas Duncan lived in solitary confinement in their apartment with dirty sheets and towels, when a man cleaned up Duncan’s vomit without any protective gear, when police were made to enter the apartment and clean up without any protective gear.

All Dr. Friedan, CDC Director, would say about it during an interview on Fox & Friends is that you don’t need a Hazmat suit.

That was an interesting comment in that the CDC officials who rushed to Newark to check the flight were in full Hazmat attire.

The sick passenger and his young daughter were later cleared.

The CDC claims it will work to increase awareness of symptoms of the Ebola virus at U.S. airports and hospitals.

The government doesn’t seem to be downplaying the Ebola scare but they are lying about it. They need to simply be direct, tell the truth, and get a plan together.