Our Socialist-in-Chief Is Blurring All Borders While Trampling the Sovereignty of Other Nations


Back in August of last year, the New York Times reported that Mexican commandos have been operating as law enforcement within the United States. The Obama administration said our government wanted to apply some of the lessons learned in Afghanistan to Mexico (Good Grief).

That is as alarming as the idea that Mexican law enforcement are operating within our borders without it being run through Congress. Never mind that the Mexican police ARE the drug cartels.

New York Times: …The Obama administration has expanded its role in Mexico’s fight against organized crime by allowing the Mexican police to stage cross-border drug raids from inside the United States, according to senior administration and military officials.

Mexican commandos have discreetly traveled to the United States, assembled at designated areas and dispatched helicopter missions back across the border aimed at suspected drug traffickers. The Drug Enforcement Administration provides logistical support on the American side of the border, officials said, arranging staging areas and sharing intelligence that helps guide Mexico’s decisions about targets and tactics.

Officials said these so-called boomerang operations were intended to evade the surveillance — and corrupting influences — of the criminal organizations that closely monitor the movements of security forces inside Mexico. And they said the efforts were meant to provide settings with tight security for American and Mexican law enforcement officers to collaborate in their pursuit of criminals who operate on both sides of the border…

Two days ago, it was announced that Obama is bringing our law enforcement into Canada and some Canadians are concerned about the sovereignty issue.  The Canadian omnibus bill included limited powers for certain U.S. law enforcement agents operating within Canadian borders.

Some Canadians see it as the camel’s nose under the tent and they should because our president is a socialist. Borders mean nothing to socialists. All the world is one and all belongs to the collective.

CBC News:…The Integrated Cross Border Law Enforcement Operations Act now makes it possible for American officers to cross the border into Canada where, as the act states, they have “the same power to enforce an act of Parliament as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.”

This means they’ll be armed and have the powers to arrest suspects in Canadian territory…

RCMP Supt. Warren Coons, director of the Integrated Border Enforcement Teams said that the conditions under which this plan will be implemented includes safeguards that will prevent any compromising of sovereignty. [One safeguard mandates Canadian law enforcement accompany U.S. law enforcement, something Obama did not do when he okayed Mexican police operating within our borders.]

Critics of the new operation say it should have been dealt with separately, not as part of an omnibus bill that leaves many questions unanswered.

“This is a highly controversial integrated border enforcement program that jeopardizes Canadian sovereignty and potentially compromises the personal privacy of individual Canadians,” wrote NDP MP Brian Masse, critic for Canada-U.S. border issues.

Obama just brought new meaning to our country’s borders – there is no meaning to our country’s borders.