Our Vets? Cut & Run Demos Mimics Hypocrite Liberal Dems


Demon on the run

by Frank Salvatore

George Demos is campaigning under the banner of the wrong political party. Given both his actions and inaction surrounding the Memorial Day weekend he’s obviously better suited to be running as a liberal, cut and run Democrat. The following is a recap of damning events.

May 23rd   Long Island News Radio sponsored a GOP congressional primary debate between Lee Zeldin and George Demos. Here are some interesting facts. Demos used the phrase. “We need people of conviction and character to stand up to (fill in the blank)…” numerous times. He frequently used the word fight. George promised to fight for this or that. He tells us “People of Long Island are looking for a fighter.” In the last 60 seconds of his closing remarks Demos used the word fight 10 times! Check it out, beginning at 59:48 of the audio tape.

Rather than answer specific crucial questions, he used his time to lie about and disparage the character of a Major in the U.S. Army Reserve who, inconveniently for George, happens to be his opponent in this primary.

Queried, “Where do you stand on long term unemployment benefits?”, the California candidate took his first 25 seconds to offer no real answer, before breaking into attack mode. Later, Demos is asked would he vote “Yes”, “No” or “Present” to reauthorize the NYS “Violence Against Women Act”. That rambling almost incoherent non response can be found at 39:35 on the tape. It too, lasts 25 seconds and is once again followed by a self serving political rant completely unrelated to the specific question.

But, by far, the worst swing and miss came when Demos was asked about the VA Scandal.   Keep in mind this was Memorial Day Weekend, and horror stories of veterans’ mistreatment were all over the news. The moderator wanted to know, “What actions would you tackle to make sure our veterans get the help they need?”. Demos spent 13 seconds (17:40-17:53) talking about firing General Shinseki, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton & Kathleen Sebelius, before once again, spitting out his dishonest campaign talking points. Thirteen seconds!! There was not a single constructive action offered by Demos on arguably the most crucial issue facing veterans today. Meanwhile Senator Zeldin took the full previous 2 minutes to outline specific, sensible solutions.

May 26th George sends an email titled “Honoring Their Sacrifices”. He writes, It is so important that we teach our children and grandchildren to love America and to honor and respect our brave veterans and those who sacrificed all to give us the freedoms that we cherish.” This was sent out less than 3 days after Demos spent the better part of a debate trying desperately to substitute defamatory comments about Maj. Zeldin in place of clear-cut answers to explicit questions. No doubt “Honoring Their Sacrifices” was put together within hours of the Carpetbagger Candidate’s 13 second non answer on how he’d solve the VA crisis.

May 27th George Demos was a no show for the second, scheduled debate against Sen. Zeldin.

Demos broke his commitment and was missing in action from the Southampton Full Gospel Church.

First Georgie sent out an almost incomprehensible email, claiming the showdown, located a little over a mile from his own church in Southampton, was illegitimate. Then came word he wanted 10 police officers as security for the event. This bizarre request was made even more bizarre by the fact the only person who physically attacked anyone during the first face off was George’s campaign manager! We can assume the fighter fighting the fight Georgie endlessly spoke about on 5/23 must have been the rough and tumble guy managing his operation, Kevin Tschirhart. Maybe Kevin was also the fellow who would be the person “of conviction and character” Demos kept referencing on that date. Let’s face it. Fighters and men “of conviction and character” don’t go AWOL from a debate they’d agreed to attend, and then whine about it being “illegitimate”.

To those who’ve seen Demos’ destructive runs for Congress before none of this surprises. It’s just this time, to suit his needs, George is following the playbook established, and still used to this day, by 1960’s, hard core, left wing, anti-war Democrats. The premise is simple. They’re all “for the troops” until that promise interferes with their personal, selfish, political goals. Gratuitous platitudes about duty, sacrifice and honor apply only so long as those words advance the Dem pol’s election.

Look at the 5 day period cited above. Bookend Demos’ Memorial Day email statement with the two scheduled debates. In the first, his main focus was to avoid answering tough questions and attack the integrity of his opponent, a paratrooper and Major in the U.S. Army Reserves. In second, he just ran away. The soldier showed up for the “fight” (they always do) while Georgie seamlessly followed the infamous “cut and run” model of his liberal Democrat brothers and sisters. These self centered, cowardly displays made him unworthy of preaching to anyone about “Honoring Their Sacrifices”.

Maybe naming George Demos a Pelosi Republican gives him too much credit. This past Memorial Weekend, Demos’ “me first” attitude, and resulting disregard for our veterans, both living and deceased, casts him more in the mold of a typical hypocritical, liberal, Nancy Pelosi Democrat. Disgraceful.

The debate video:

Editor’s Note: Hopefully Frank doesn’t mind but I’ve included the Deacons’ statement some of our writers received in an email after George Demos cut out of the second debate and said there never was a debate planned:


George Demos is lying when he said he did not commit to the debate at Southampton Full Gospel Church on May 27, 2014 at 7:00 PM. Emails and conversations with Kevin, his campaign manager prove I had a commitment. The rules he wanted were in place and Lee Zeldin was assured to come, but George backed out. When the debate was a sure thing Demos panics and starts putting up road blocks. For example, asking for 10 private security or Southampton policeman to be present at the debate, and emails and conversations prove this. George is nothing more than a T.V. tiger and did not want to stand in front of the people, like a real man. George come on and let’s setup a new debate for next week. Also, to correct another one of your lies, I am not the Zeldin supporter as you said, another lie. I went to work out details of the debate with Lee and you say I am a supporter. Come on George live in the real world. Just shows how politics today have declined to a point where you cannot take a man at his verbal and emailed word. ‘No show George’ you need to learn that spending a lot of money, acting tough on TV is not a substitute for honesty and transparency. What kind of elected official would you be if I can’t take you at your word. Or just a no show conservative, who can’t be reached by phone or never seen in public?
James Boyd
Southampton Full Gospel Church