Our Worthless United States Dollar


Jack Lew's signature

Insane Lew signature via the Atlantic Wire


Even our dollar bills are to be defiled with a signature that borders on insulting. It hardly matters since they won’t be worth much after four more years of an Obama economy.

Obama wants the debt ceiling eliminated so he can spend without anyone getting in his way. One would think that if the House stands firm he won’t get his way right?


One way to do an end-run around the debt ceiling is for the Treasury to mint a platinum coin out of thin air that will supposedly be worth a trillion dollars. [That will make it easier to get to a quadrillion. We are becoming Zimbabwe.]

The Treasury is not allowed to print money to pay debts, however, the Treasury Secretary apparently has the authority to print platinum coins. Platinum coins would give Obama unlimited power over the taxpayer purse. Check it out here. The idea is nutty but who knows what the administration would do.

If that doesn’t work, Obama can use the 14th Amendment.  If you click the link, you will read a HuffPo article claiming that the House is abusing their power for trying to hold the line on the debt ceiling, making Obama’s abuse of power necessary. In reality, of course, Obama bypassing the duly-elected House would be the real abuse, though for now it is only a threat.

Democrats are urging Obama to use the 14th amendment to circumvent the House who want spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt limit.

There is a civil war provision in the 14th amendment which states “the validity of the public debt of the United States…shall not be questioned.” Of course the provision was never meant to be used in this way. Jay Carney said the president will not use it.

Dick Morris explains how the 14th Amendment would be used:

“Polls consistently show most Americans would blame Republicans for a shutdown, which is why Newt Gingrich — architect of the 1996 government shutdown — recently called a debt-ceiling showdown a “dead loser” for the party. Obama will largely be able to absolve himself of liability, saying the U.S. Constitution gave him no choice but to make good on interest payments and that the Republicans’ refusal to pay for spending they themselves authorized has triggered an economic tsunami.” [Bloomberg]

In other words, the Republicans should have held the line on the fiscal cliff and not on the debt ceiling. By approving the fiscal cliff deal, they gave bipartisan approval to excessive spending which included lots of pork. Now Obama can say that they approved the spending and must approve raising the debt ceiling to cover it.

At the same time, we have Harry Reid planning to abuse Senate rules by changing the way they filibuster. His purpose is to destroy the fiscal conservative vote in the Senate. Harry Reid’s first plan was the so-called Nuclear Option but now there is a new plan.

The new plan is being referred to as nuclear-option lite and it will:

“…will create a new category of super senators who will be empowered to participate in the legislative process to the exclusion of rank-and-file members. This proposal may be worse than Reid’s [nuclear option] because it would empower the leadership of both parties to the detriment of open debate and a free amendment process available to all members. Both the Nuclear Option and this new bipartisan proposal will destroy the deliberative function of the Senate and curtail extended debate and an open amendment process.” National Review online]

Obama and his cronies are doing all they can to make the House and the Republicans irrelevant. They want one party rule.

Obama spent his first four years spending money we didn’t have and now he is going to spend even more money in the next four years.

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Your Senators are back in their home states until January 21st. Please take this time to call them, visit their offices or attend town hall meetings or other gatherings to urge them to protect the Constitution and the integrity of the Senate by opposing Senator Reid’s so-called “filibuster reform.”