Outrageous: NY Dem Wants Government-Run Parent Training Under Penalty of Law



If you want to know what out-of-control government looks like, go no further than New York. New York State Sen. Ruben Diaz Jr. introduced a bill that would require parents of elementary school children to attend a minimum of four parent support classes.

The penalty for parents who don’t go by the time the child is in grade 6? Illogically, the child will be retained. I’m surprised he didn’t recommend a jail sentence.

Just the fact that they could think of this is outrageous.

Worse yet, the commissioner and Board of Regents, who launched the infamous Common Core, would be in charge of the training, or will it be indoctrination?

They want a one-size-fits-all parent now!

Some parents actually think it’s a good idea. They are foolish if they believe a few classes will change society’s ills and even more foolish if they think big government is the answer.

There isn’t anything they won’t control.

New York News

The parents who really need it would probably be exempt.

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  1. Not too one-sided are you?
    All parents are amateurs and many need/ want some help. So who would you like to provide it – the church, the boy scouts?
    As a former teacher and provider of parent classes, I can see where the schools would be the logical place for parents to go for help. We even make people take driver training and tests. Ah, that bad government

    • Oh, and the government is going to do it? Give me a break. These parenting classes are a joke. It’s the compulsory part that’s concerning. The child gets retained if the parent doesn’t go to these pie-in-the-sky classes? Who the hell do these people think they are?

  2. As outrageous as it may seem, it looks like they have already began a test phase in the Bronx. It’s called Parent Leadership Training Institute. The organization’s mission is to help parents become leading advocates for children, and has now launched in 12 states, including Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and Louisiana.

    Read more: http://www.newvisions.org/blog/entry/new-visions-joins-with-parent-leadership-institute-to-train-parents-to-beco

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