Outrageous! Teacher Union President Rants About “Punching People in the Face”


This is outrageous, even for this classless union leader.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew set quite an example at a teacher conference last month. If people don’t like Common Core, he’s coming for them. He will “punch people in the face” and “push them in the dirt”.

This is what represents the 75,000 teachers in New York City. Notice the cheers from the audience.

Sounds just like a mob leg breaker, except none of those wise guys were dumb enough to deliberately advertise their threats in front of an audience and live video feed.


  1. Even so, the mentality of UTF hierarchy and the ‘leadership to the agenda of ‘common core’ or any of UTF’s agendas has not changed. Yes, teachers themselves and superintendents of some school districts have.

  2. What happened to my post? Was merely letting you know this didn’t occur recently but rather years ago, when Common Core was first pushed onto the states. FWIW, most teachers were/are against it, despite what this gentleman says. His audience is merely filled with his loyalists, hardly representative of most teachers.

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