Progressives Want to Ban Barbecue Aromas And So Much More

Mitch McConnell's Mission Is to Present Strong Do-Nothing Opposition to the Leftist Agenda

This Will Stun You: A Credible Theory on the Secret Iranian Side Deal

John Kerry Told Iran That Chants of "Death to America" Are "Pretty Stupid"

Progressives Want to Ban Barbecue Aromas And So Much More

no more BBQ

Up is down, night is day, and Americans won’t control their air conditioners or barbecues if the Progressives have their way. According to Wounded American Warrior, a Cobb County Florida man is being harassed because of his barbecue smoke. This video will frustrate you. I personally wanted to wring the bureaucrat’s neck. There is no area…

Are We Repopulating America to Form a Marxist Utopia?

Marxist Utopia

The reason Barack Obama and his minions want massive illegal immigration is to stack the deck in favor of Democrats. He envisions a one-party society on which to build his utopian big government. One component of the campaign on behalf of illegal immigrants that is often overlooked is the “Task Force of New Americans” formed…

Democrats’ New Voting Bloc – Iran’s Terrorist Regime


Lobbyists need to be thrown out of Congress because the process is corrupt. We have terrorist nations exploiting it to divide Americans. The propaganda ad in the photo above is from a full-page New York Times ad taken out by the  NIAC (The National Iranian American Council), a group strongly suspected of working with the Iranian…

Et Tu, Schu?


“Schumer is not a Shomer” were the words emblazoned on dozens of placards that were held by some of the 12,000 people who flooded Times Square last week to protest the “Death to America/Death to Israel” deal that Barack Obama and his cronies made on July 14th with––to this day, to this hour––a palpably belligerent,…