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    McCarthyism: John McCain Gave Fake News Dossier on Trump to FBI

    The 35-page report of unverified and salacious business and personal information on Donald Trump were given to the FBI by John McCain. John McCain Is an Innocent Bystander The fake news published by Buzzfeed claims Trump's...

    Trump Promises a Full Hacking Report in 90 Days

    Donald Trump is engaged in a Twitterstorm and some of it is about the fake news report claiming Trump's team is in bed with Russia and where he personally is accused of doing perverse...
    Donald Trump looking surprised.

    Fake News: Russia Has Damaging Info on Trump

    US intelligence officials showed President-elect Donald Trump unverified classified information from a British intelligence source that the Russians claimed to have damaging personal information about him, it was reported Tuesday. CNN reported the information was also given...
    John Kerry and Barack Obama looking pensive.

    The Obama Legacy: Those golden years

    by Joe David There is talk that President Barack Hussein Obama is concerned about his political legacy once he is out of office. This is nonsense. Nothing he has ever done during his presidency could...

    We Won! NY Times Declares “Fake News” Dead

    We have won! At least for now. Fake news is dead. Fake News was an invention of the left, led by Barack Obama, Democrat operatives, and the media. It was intended to silence the right-wing....

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