Ferguson's "Peaceful Protesters" Plan Bombings and Killings As Holder Protects Their Rights

Growing a Welfare State Only Requires a Footnote and a Lawless President

Communist Party USA Praises Obama for Violating the Constitution on Amnesty

New DHS Policies For Apprehension, Deportation Invite Illegal Immigration and Go Soft on Crime

Ferguson’s “Peaceful Protesters” Plan Bombings and Killings As Holder Protects Their Rights

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Two members of the New Black Panthers have been involved in a bomb plot and were arrested this past Friday. Others are running around Ferguson verbally and physically assaulting police and still others are threatening to kill people if Officer Wilson isn’t indicted on a murder charge, but Eric Holder has their backs. He’s issued guidance on how the…

Communist Party USA Praises Obama for Violating the Constitution on Amnesty

Illegals & Communists

Communists marching. They must destroy the Republican party to succeed. The Communist Party USA, in their Peoples’ World magazine, praised Barack Obama’s decision to violate the law and bastardize even a valued legal tactic called “prosecutorial discretion.” They say he is bringing millions out of the shadows. Their article by Tim Wheeler started with Helen…

Good News in the Midst of Bad: Pennsylvania‏

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by Arthur Christopher Schaper Good News in the Midst of Bad: Pennsylvania Republicans did remarkably well in 2014. They took back the U.S. Senate, by wider than expected margins. They also expanded their majority in the House. They also won a net three governors’ races: Arkansas, Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts. I said a net of…

Obama Legitimizes Illegal Immigration With A New American Task Force


In order to entrench the new unconstitutional mandate on illegal immigration, Barack Obama has formed a New American Task Force to integrate the “temporarily” illegal aliens into our society. He didn’t let any grass grow under his feet. In a release on the White House website, it said that the “President is creating a White House Task Force…

Obama Will Create A Constitutional Crisis With A Memo Tonight


President Obama will illegally rewrite immigration law this evening via memorandum. President Obama has been fundamentally changing our country with innocent-sounding presidential memorandums for years. He will grant temporary amnesty to about 5 million people and work permits for another million foreigners. Why would anyone come here legally? We incentivize illegal immigration. Illegals are already flooding attorney’s offices with…

Study Concludes That FEMA Should Be Terminated


The study summarized below takes a wide-ranging look at federal spending on disaster preparedness and relief, and also examines the national flood insurance program. It looks at everything from the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 to Katrina in 2005. It concludes that FEMA should be terminated. By Chris Edwards Under the U.S. Constitution, the powers…