Palestinian TV Is Guiding Youth Into Future Careers As Suicide Bombers


This is about how not to raise your children.

A week ago, Israel sent the bodies of 91 terrorists and suicide bombers to the Palestinian Authority.

A Palestinian TV program for youth used the occasion to encourage more terrorists and suicide bombers –

“More honored than all of us… They are the greatest role models for us.”

Worse yet, the program is produced by Palestinian TV and Pyalara, which is an NGO for the young and which is funded by the EU, Save the Children and other international donors.

The following is a puppet show funded by the U.N. which wants people to replace cigarettes with guns in East Jerusalem –

The next video is a couple years old, but worth looking at again. Mahmoud Abbas, who is the one Israel is supposed to negotiate with, apparently supports Omar al-Bashir of Sudan, who is accused of the Darfur genocide –