Panetta & Dempsey – We Need the U.N.’s Permission for Military Actions


Defense Secretary Panetta and General Dempsey want the U.N. to provide the legal basis for military actions if we are forming a coalition. If it is for defense, that is different, they say, the dictator Executive will decide.

The U.N. will provide governance? Not congress? This is one dangerous precedent.

It is not surprising since we did just that in Libya. Our President unilaterally made the decision to go to war in Libya (with the tacit approval of some in Congress). Obama also asked the U.N. to give us the legal basis for war as he – Obama – lead from behind.

You know that little thing called the constitution? Well, it is not a working document under this administration.

Requiring U.N. (NATO) permission to go to war before enacting any military action in which we are forming a coalition is unnecessary in any case. Bush formed a coalition when he went to war with Iraq! He also asked for congressional approval, the majority of whom voted to go to war.

Panetta said if it is for defense, the Executive would decide (like a dictator?). Congress is irrelevant apparently and so is any balance of powers which is guaranteed under our constitution.

We are going to cede our sovereignty to the U.N. on matters such as military actions?

We are planning to cede our sovereignty on a number of other issues through some looming U.N. treaties so that shouldn’t be a surprise  to anyone (check it out).

Why don’t we just turn the country over to Ban Ki-moon or Putin?

We went to war with Libya despite the requirements of the War Powers Act which mandates congressional approval. Our Executive Branch – Obama -went beyond the legal timeline for asking congressional permission and he didn’t even blink while doing it.

I understand that many in congress disagree with the War Powers Act and would gladly turn their power over to the Executive Branch. Fine, then they need to change the law in accordance with the constitution.

Violating the law is unacceptable.

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