Paparazzi Reid Undeterred, Continues Gossip Campaign Against Romney


President Obama is worth $10 million and will be worth a lot more once he is out of office. Nancy Pelosi is worth about $100 million. Harry Reid, who hates Romney because he has money, is worth $5 million. Is that all? Poor Harry.

How did a civil servant accrue a fortune of $5 million?

Harry is a racist. He was impressed with Obama because he is a “light-skinned” African American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” His dead parents must be so embarrassed.

Harry has been accused of trying to increase the value of his own property by having a bridge built between Nevada and Arizona. He supposedly used campaign contributions for personal use. He is accused of using his political power to help a friend build a golf course, a friend who is also one of his son’s (an attorney) clients. Other accusations include taking donations from four Indian tribes during the Jack Abramoff Indian Lobbying Scandal and it was proven that Reid had a general increase in Indian contributions during that time. [Celebrity NetWorth]

He is a big porkulus congressman – that’s proven. It helps him gets votes.

Prove me wrong.

Word is out that every accusation made against him is true. I’m the one getting the word out.

Instead of backing down on his gossipy comments against Romney, he is doubling down. He says “the word is out.” He’s the one who put the word out from an anonymous source who told him unsubstantiated gossip. Personally, I don’t even believe Reid got the call. I think he made the entire thing up.

How can Romney be hiding money in Bermuda when we all know about it? Who cares anyway? Stop taxing all of us, period!

Romney has made money honestly because of his business acumen. That is the type of person I want running the country which is on the brink of insolvency.