Parent-Trigger School Reform – An Answer to Self-Serving Unions

Tailgate for Parent Trigger Reform

Well, we have a “new” phrase to learn! Get ready, write this one down!

It’s the “Trigger” or more precisely, it’s the “Parent-Trigger School Reform.”

Have you heard about it? Doubt it! I hadn’t – until recently! Why? Could it be that it places the teacher’s union in a very bad light or it actually provides a practical mechanism to IMPROVE our kid’s education?

Thank you, NY Times, channels 2,4,and 7 for keeping this “little secret” from us. 
After all, just because it’s our school taxes which pay for it and just because they’re our kids being educated, why should we be told?

But now, it’s out in the open, so here goes.

In California (here we go again) a law was passed several years ago called the “Parent-trigger School Reform”  (it has nothing to do with parents carrying guns or Roy Rodger’s horse, Trigger).

Basically, it says that if their school’s academic conditions were bad enough and more than half of the parents petitioned the school board drastic changes would have to be immediately made.


Ultimately, if teaching conditions didn’t improve, the school could actually be closed. Pretty good? Well, not according to the teachers union!

After a majority of parents in the Mojave Desert town of Adelanto filed such a petition to “trigger” such a change at their school (no one really disputes that this school is in terrible shape) those “wonderful guardians of our children” jumped into action!


  1. “Strangers” confronted and threatened the parents who signed the petitions.
  2. Since many were of Spanish origin, they were told that they would be immediately deported!
  3. They were told that unless they changed their petitions, the school would IMMEDIATELY be closed.  And, believe it or not,
  4. “Doctored” forged letters, allegedly from the petitioning parents, SUDDENLY APPEARED indicating that they had changed their “vote.”

This resulted in the school board ruling that NOT ENOUGH PARENTS ACTUALLY TRIGGERED THE NEW LAW! The intimidation and blatant falsification of official documents had apparently worked!


These parents are true guardians of their children!  True believers in their constitutional rights. 

Working with pro bono lawyers from Kirkland and Ellis, the case has been turned over to the DA  and a full investigation has begun.


The only concern is that those infamous forged letters might “disappear.”

Is this the America which attracted my poor, illiterate, and uneducated grandparents! They fled from a similar culture.

Let’s pray (whoops, sorry
 Mr. President for using this word in public) that their hopes and dreams were not in vain.

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