Parent Who Questioned Common Core Will Not Go to Jail for Ten Years



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By now, most people have heard about the unforgivable treatment of a parent in Baltimore who questioned Common Core at a public school meeting supposedly set up to answer parents’ questions about Common Core.

The meeting was very controlled from the outset. The Board of Education and Superintendent required parents to put their questions on paper. School administrators then chose which questions they would answer.

One parent, Robert Small, wasn’t buying it and stood up to ask his question anyway.

He wanted to know if Common Core was dumbing down the students. He said, “I want to know how many parents here are aware that the goal of Common Core standards isn’t to prepare our children for full-fledged universities, it’s to prepare them for community college.”

Parents applauded him.

Mr. Small proceeded to briefly explain his opposition when an aggressive guard – an off-duty policeman hired to be a rent-a-cop – insisted he stop, pushed him and arrested him. Mr. Small was left on a curb in handcuffs for an hour until the meeting was over after which he was taken to the police station for booking.

In essence, he was arrested for asking an unwanted question.

While this was going on, the Superintendent, Board, and administrators did nothing, the audience did almost nothing.

By doing nothing, they all condoned a tyrannical abuse of power.

The charges against Mr. Small were assaulting a police officer (though he didn’t) and interfering with a school function for which he could have faced 10 years, though no one would expect him to receive that sentence.

The charges were dropped Monday. Smart move!

If this weren’t taped and made public, how much abuse would this man have been forced to endure?

Having worked as a school administrator, I find it hard to believe that parents would suffer this kind of mistreatment from the people who work for them. The Superintendent et al should be welcoming the questions.

If Common Core were as good as the government would have us believe, answering the questions would be easy.

As government grows larger, control grows tighter and resistance is met with force – verbal and/or physical. That’s how statism works and this is a perfect illustration.

Common Core is a big government program that requires all children to learn in the same way at the same time. The way they force this monolithic curricula through is with frequent standardized testing in every grade – even Kindergarten.

Any educator worth his/her salt knows standardized testing is the least adequate way to determine a child’s level of knowledge. Theses tests are linear and static but learning isn’t.

The testing will in effect nationalize education – something forbidden under our Constitution – and it will as a result take educational choice out of the hands of parents.

To quote Mr. Small as he was being forcibly removed from the parent meeting, “Parents, take control!”