Are Partial Birth Abortions of Late Term Babies A Woman’s Right?

Women’s rights activists marching in Hollywood

I must ask you, when does abortion become murder or does it?

These women are adamant – they won’t go back to a situation in which a woman does not have control over her own body. They are not talking about Roe vs. Wade or cases or rape or incest or a situation in which a mother’s life is endangered, they are talking about abortion without limits.

Roe vs. Wade is too limiting for them. They want to be able to end a baby’s life in the womb or during the delivery process with no limitations. We are not talking pro-life and pro-abortion, we are talking about killing a viable baby simply because the mother wants to for whatever reason she may have.

Many in the group pictured above said Obama has pandered to those communities (pro life) simply for votes. They said he has compromised with the anti-abortion side and that under the president, funding for women’s reproductive health services have been slashed at the state level. Legal restrictions on abortions tripled from 2010 to 2011. [This is factually not true, but that is for a different post]

These activists want partial birth abortions up to birth.

The abhorrent practice of partial birth abortions is worthy of only the most primitive of societies.

WARNING: The following description of an abortion is graphic:

A common procedure for second and third trimester fetuses is the dilation and extraction procedure. It involves pulling the baby through the birth canal by its leg until s/he is fully out except for the head. The surgeon then jams scizzors into the back of the baby’s skull and opens them to widen the hole. The scizzors are removed and a suction catheter is placed in the hole and the baby’s brains are sucked out. The head collapses and the baby is pulled out.

Another method of abortion is to pull the baby out of the womb piece by piece, finally crushing the skull.

The following video is not for anyone under 18 without parental supervision. It is very graphic.

Abortions are being advertised up to 26 weeks and abortionists are aborting at 32 weeks and later. At 24 weeks, a baby is capable of surviving outside the womb with medical assistance. Click here to see a video of the development of a baby at 26 weeks.

There are cases in which abortions are acceptable – rape, incest and in the case of a mother’s health. Killing a late term baby simply because a mother feels she made a mistake is barbaric.

The DNC platform has now embraced partial birth and late term abortions for gender selection or whatever reason a woman might come up with. Rep. Akin’s dopey comment about “legitimate rapes” was deliberately brought to the nuclear level by the Democrats because his opponent, Claire McCaskill, is fully supportive of partial birth abortions. She is a soulless woman.

The following are clips edited together from the movie 22 weeks, an interview from a abortion survivor, real 911 calls from the EPOC center scandal & Jane Roe’s pro life commercial.

The DNC platform, thanks to the leadership of Barack Obama, supports partial birth abortion – all abortion – and does not contain any language opposing partial-birth abortion nor does it distinguish in which trimester it can be done. Pro-choice never meant pro-partial birth abortion, which is cruel and barbaric. The DNC has removed from its platform all language specifying the position that abortion be “safe, legal and rare.”

Barack and Michelle Obama are so radical that they support partial birth abortion. Barack Obama argued for post birth abortion on the Illinois senate floor when he served as state senator.

I ask you again, when does abortion become murder or does it?

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