Pasco County Suspends 6-year Old for Saying “Gun”


nerfgunis verboten

Pasco County schools in Washington suspended six-year old Noah Aguirre for talking about his nerf gun in school. A little girl involved in the conversation told the teacher Noah had a gun. The boy was sent home. He of course, did not have a gun. He was suspended anyway because he talked about guns. The girl who reported him felt her “health and safety was threatened.”

Are these people serious? They are causing the children undue stress!

About the time the story hit the tri-city Herald, the Superintendent, Saundra Hill, rescinded the suspension.

Meanwhile, the child has been unfairly stigmatized.

The father said the child was excited about the nerf guns they bought during a recent trip.

The only child suspended was his son. Sounds questionable. The father, Mike Aguirre, might look into this further. I hope he does.