Patricia Krentcil & the Media’s Crucifixion of Private Citizens


Why is the lamestream media going after this private citizen? Why is this national news?

Our economy is in the drink and the radical extremists are endangering the world, but what are we talking about? We are talking about a private citizen who said she did NOT put her daughter in a tanning bed.

Patricia Krentcil has been arrested for allegedly putting her five-year old daughter in a tanning bed.

Patricia Krentcil said she took her daughter with her to a tanning salon, but the owners of the salon and the mother said the child was not in the tanning bed. The temperature outside was 85 degrees and the mother said the child got a sunburn from being outside.

The next day, a teacher heard the child say that she went tanning with her mother and the teacher called the police.

This woman may or may not be guilty and that is for the courts to decide, but why has she been crucified in the media?

When the media sensationalizes these outrageous stories, they like to say it is what the people want to read about, don’t blame us. I believe the opposite is true. The media decides what we will care about.

Is this story what we consider journalism-worthy? Is this what we consider ethical – to try and execute private citizens? That’s okay?

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