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Update: 4/17/13: 13:57: A suspect has been arrested. A young man can be seen in two videos dropping a black bag very close to the location of the second bomb across from the Forum restaurant. He was identified from two videos, one from a Lord & Taylor video and another from a TV station.

Boston University has announced that graduate student Lingzu Lu is the third person who died in Monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon.

Update: 15:09 The Saudi man under investigation has been cleared.

There are seven still in critical condition. Some woke up without legs and said they feel extremely grateful to be alive. Some victims have possible ear drum ruptures, some were burned, and others have a variety of injuries. Some have 30 or 40 pieces of shrapnel in their bodies. There were four amputations and two more limbs at risk. Most of the amputees lost their legs above their knees.

Two brothers, JP and Paul Norden each lost a leg. Their mother said that when JP heard his brother lost a leg he cried. She asked for prayers as did all the families.

JP and Paul Norden
JP and Paul Norden

One of the deceased, 8-year old Martin Richard, on the right in the picture below, hugged his father moments before the blast.

Richard family, Martin age 8 died, his younger sister lost a leg, and his mother has undergone brain surgery. His older brother survived uninjured.
Richard family, Martin age 8 died, his younger sister Jane age 6 lost a leg, and his mother Denise has undergone brain surgery. His older brother Henry age 12 survived uninjured.

A second deceased victim was 29-year old Krystle Campbell of Massachusetts who was at the race to see her friend’s boyfriend run.

Krystal Campbell
Krystal Campbell

There was no significant chatter before or after the explosions. The bombs used, IED’s, could be made by anyone.

Update: 13:04: The bombs were made out of nails, ball bearings and BB’s encased in two pressure cookers. The bombs were triggered by a circuit board which has been found. The bombs were placed in black canvas bags and dropped in garbage pails on the street. These are the types of bombs that were first seen along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

The Saudi man under guard in the hospital has been cooperative and it is believed he will not be a source of intel and he is not a suspect.

There are reports that the FBI are looking for another dark-skinned foreign national.

Update: 09:30: FBI Press Conference: At 2:50PM EST, there were two back-to-back explosions. There were 176 injured, 17 gravely, three deceased.

Governor Patrick thanked the extraordinary service of responders, which included police, fire fighters, EMT’s, National Guard and of course doctors and nurses.

There will be a heightened police presence and people are encouraged to be ever vigilant.

Mayor Menino who was injured also congratulated the police and other responders.

Senator Warren said they didn’t have to call the president, he called them. Shouldn’t that be expected?

FBI DesLauriers said they are all working together to get answers and bring the perpetuators to justice. There are no known new threats. He would not address who is or who is not in custody right now. He said ICE is working closely with them. he said they are interviewing a variety of witnesses.

Commissioner Davis said it is the most complex crime scene in their history.

There were two and only two explosive parcels found!

Update: 07:18: Over 144 are injured, 17 are still critical, three are dead including a little 8-year old boy, Martin Richard of Dorchester, who hugged his father minutes before the blast. His mother, Denise, and his sister are injured, the little girl is reported to have lost a leg and the mother has a brain injury. Both suffered grievous injuries. His father is Bill Richard, a Dorchester community leader. The family is described as “beloved” by the community.

Martin Richard
Martin Richard

There are a total of 8 children injured in the hospital, some are ages 2, 3, 7, 9 ,12, 14.

Some of the Newtown parents were at the finish line. Their babies were being commemorated at this event. The last mile was a dedication to them. None of the Newtown families were physically hurt.

The Boston College student who is a Saudi National is not being described as a suspect but he is being questioned as a person of interest. At this time, there is nothing to connect him to the bombings according to the police.

He had been tackled by a bystander when he was running away. The bystander had been watching him because he had been acting suspicious. The student has some burns.

The Saudi had the smell of gun powder on him and he said he thought there’d be a second bomb according to the NY Post. He asked if anyone died.

Information about at least one undetonated device might have come from this 20-year old Saudi.

His phone records have been subpoened.

The student’s apartment has been searched. He was seen running from the scene, not unusual though there might have been other signs that made him stick out.

Search of Saudi man’s apartment:

The FBI did remove items from the apartment.

The FBI said they are following up on many, many leads.

One trooper, a Marine, who was at the crime scene said there were so many people without legs, so many, bone fragments, it was disgusting.

There are reports of bombs under the grandstand, by the bridge that did not go off.

It is not known if this terrorism is linked to domestic or foreign terrorism. It appears to be a coordinated team of murderers but could be one attacker. If it is al-Qaeda, they have all US cities in their sights. A recent article in an al Qaeda magazine encouraged renegade attacks at US sporting events.

There have been 16 foiled attacks in NY since 9/ll. This is the third successful terrorist attack on US soil since Benghazi and Ft. Hood. Benghazi took place at a US consulate. There was another successful attack by a foreign terrorist against a soldier in Texas which, like Ft. Hood, was declared a case of workplace violence. There have been several domestic terrorist attacks in April including the Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVeigh.

Update: 21:36: A student on a foreign Visa was being looked at as a person of interest. The types of bombs, which contained shrapnel and ball bearings is typical of bombs used in Iraq and by the IRA. The bombs were coordinated to incur maximum damage. The first bomb was set off to send people towards the more powerful bomb about 100 yards away.

These bombs were set off 10 to 15 feet into the crowd where families waited for runners in their family.

Update: 20:54: There is no suspect in the hospital but there is video of a suspect dropping devices in trash bins.

Update: 20:13: DHS said the explosions were a coordinated effort.

There are more than 130 injured and there are many children and youths among the injured. A child is one of the deceased.

At the time the bombs were set off, the runners at that time were the average people, many running for charitable causes. Newtown was one of the charities being honored. Only a craven coward would attack these people. They had to see the young people.

The WSJ is reporting that there are as many as 5 other devices found.

The responders ran quickly to the scene in a display of remarkable courage. Many runners and participants also ran to the wounded to help.

Update: 17:33 The Boston Globe is reporting more than 100 hurt. There are 26 patients at Brigham and Women’s Hospital alone. CBS is reporting there is a third device and they have it in tact.

There are reports of a 20-year old Saudi National under guard in one of the Boston hospitals and he has been identified as a possible suspect. The report has not been corroborated and the police commissioner said at 20:56 that there is no suspect in the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. [NY Post]

Update: 16:56: The police Commissioner said there were three explosions, one at JFK Memorial Library in Dorchester which might not be connected. The Director of the library said it was a fire in the mechanical room and was not connected. No other active devices have been found. They are investigating all devices dropped by people along the route as a precaution.

There are reports that a possible suspect is under guard at one of the hospitals. A person was seen with multiple backpacks about twenty minutes before the explosions.

Two separate explosions went off within seconds of each other near the finish line of the Boston Marathon today Monday. It is Patriot’s Day in Boston, a day when Bostonians take the day off to enjoy the annual celebration. Patriot’s Day is the third Monday of April since 1897.

One explosion appeared to have come from the Westin Hotel.

A writer for the Boston Herald who was running in the marathon said one explosion appeared to be after the finish line and another appeared to be before the finish line, possibly in a garbage pail.

Two or three are deceased and about twenty-three are injured, some of the injuries are horrific. At least 4 are in the ER of Massachusetts General Hospital. One report said 19 are at Boston Hospital with about 6 severely injured.

The explosions were caused by bombs.

Counterterrorism officers have been sent to landmarks in New York for security purposes.

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