Paul Ryan Killing 30,000 People


Tingles-up-his-leg, Chris Matthews, is at it again. He and Ashley Judd decried Ryan’s draconian budget cuts in this video. Tingles said it’s going to kill about 30,000 people, which is a figure based on no facts. Ashley Judd of course is a financial genius. She recently wrote a book ripping into her mother and sister for money and attention. Using their reasoning, I could say if we don’t increase the budget by 2 trillion, 2 million people will die. There is no end to how much we can spend with false logic.
Listen to video here: Video

Tingles states at the end of this video that Paul Ryan’s medicare plan will kill half the people watching his show, again it’s based on no facts. The talking heads here discuss the Ryan plan and how it’s scaring seniors, though it’s doubtful very many of them know what the plan is yet. The talking heads are the only ones scaring seniors as I am sure they well know.