Paul Ryan of Wisconsin Will Be VP but What Is His Plan for America?


Rep. Paul Ryan
, congressional representative from Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district, is Mitt Romney’s choice for VP. Ryan’s financial expertise and courage in presenting a budget, a budget that cuts spending and the deficit, will force Barack Obama to talk about his financial plan for our future.

At the present time, the budget presented by Barack Obama exposes us to a 4th year of trillion dollar deficits with no indication that Obama will begin to cut the deficit as he promised. Obama’s plan is nothing but unending debt and deficits. We are on a path of no return unless our most cherished programs are revamped and our tax code restructured.

In picking Ryan, Romney has picked a man who will make the conversation about the economy and jobs. He has chosen a man of vision and a man of courage.

The Obama administration is making the election about Paul Ryan pushing granny off a cliff and Romney killing women. Barack Obama is not talking about the economy, the tax code or healthcare except in the broadest, pie-in-the-sky terms.

Ryan,  father of three, has proven himself as a successful representative since 1999, he is a man who can speak eloquently about the downward trajectory our country. He is brilliant.

When asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd in an interview Thursday evening about what he was looking for in a running mate, Romney said,

I certainly expect to have a person that has a strength of character, a vision for the country that adds something to the political discourse about the direction of the country. I happen to believe this is a defining election for America, that we’re going to be voting for what kind of America we’re going to have.”

Are we going to have a country that runs up trillion dollar deficits until we can only pay  off interest? Currently we borrow more than 40 cents on every dollar and many of the countries loaning us money are in trouble themselves.

Much will be made about his plan for Medicare and Social Security, which does not affect people 55 and older. It will, however, put both plans on path to solvency. Paul Ryan has said that he wants to work on the plan with the Democrats to develop it into a plan they can feel comfortable with.

In his plan now, which has yet to be expanded, seniors would shop in a highly regulated exchange, or marketplace, and select among plans already vetted by the federal government. Each plan sold in the exchange would be required to cover a set of standardized benefits. It is similar to the exchanges in Obamacare.

Medicare of the future will be tied to income and the ability to pay for insurance.

Ryan is very focused on reducing the size of the federal government; his plan would spend some $6 trillion less over the next 10 years than President Obama’s.The introduction of the plan means Ryan’s brand of long-term deficit reduction is now at the front of the Republican agenda. Costs for Medicare and Medicaid are increasing at rates that will eventually bankrupt the country.

The following brief introductory video is followed by a three-part brief summary of the most important features of his budget plan to save our economy.

The Path to Prosperity Part I – America’s Furture

The Path to Prosperity Part II – Medicare and Social Security

The Path to Prosperity Part III – Change the tax code