PC Suicide Bombing Around the Capitol Foiled

So Who Was The Attempted Suicide Bomber? Definitely Not A Terrorist! (Not the actual arrest photo)

A Moroccan man was arrested on Friday by the FBI for planning a suicide attack on the Capitol. Now, other than Moroccan, there is no mention of his motives or who he is. However, CNN assures us that the public was never in danger – of course. He was monitored (carefully) as he wandered about DC. His suicide vest was likely rendered inoperable – no problem whatsoever!

He was arrested quickly (after monitoring for who knows how long – since we have to be PC) but the Capitol police were “intimately” involved in the investigation according to CNN.

Now for the clincher – he was never a part of a terrorist organization and he acted alone.

Well, thank the Lord! What a relief!

So, what do you think? Was it Harry Reid? Another elected official? Was he a Christian or a Jew? It’s probably those crazy Episcopalians!

The public was never in danger, police said. Read more: CNN