Pedicure Is Top Priority After Mother’s Skull Bashed In


Saundra Simonee

Saundra Simonée was on the floor with her head bashed in with a hammer wielded by her daughter’s boyfriend. That afternoon, her daughter Shatura, 29, had a number of concerns which she shared with the jury during her boyfriend’s murder trial this week.

She wanted to make sure her children didn’t see their grandmother lying dead all day on the living room floor and she was hoping beyond hope that her boyfriend – the murderer- would get her a racing game for the PlayStation 3 he bought with her mother’s money. Her other concern was whether she should get her nails done.

Shatura testified for the prosecution at the first-degree murder trial of her boyfriend Antonio Christian, 28, of Roosevelt, a crime-plagued area.

She watched as her boyfriend punched her mother in the face, tortured her until she gave up her bank card PIN and finally beat her skull in with a hammer. Christian was at the Simonée home in violation of an order of protection meant to keep him away from the couple’s young children, now 7 and 4. When the murder victim demanded he leave, he punched her in the jaw.

Then he got greedy and demanded her bank pin number.  Every time she refused to give it up, Christian stabbed her in the side with a knife.

When he threatened the grandchildren, Mrs. Simonée gave up the pin. Shatura went to the bank and took out cash.

The victim was sitting on her floor holding a bag of frozen peas on her jaw, pleading with Christian to let her go to the hospital. That’s when he hit her with a hammer.

“He hits her, and she moans,” a prosecuting attorney said. “He hits her over and over and over again, until Saundra moans no more.”

They went to bed with the grandmother lying dead on the floor. The daughter took more money out of the bank the next day.

She told the prosecutor that she texted Antonio the day after the murder asking if she should get fake nails or have a manicure.

The prosecutor Steven Wilutis grilled her. “Because when you killed your mother, you broke one of your nails, right ma’am?”

No, of course not. She broke her nail scrubbing her mother’s congealed blood off the living room floor while Christian dumped the body in Bay Shore. However, she said she did that hours after the pedicure texting with Christian.

She agreed that she didn’t shed any tears or show any emotion the day her mother’s skull was repeatedly bashed with the hammer as she testified with a flat affect. She said that when her mother’s body was found, she “didn’t react.”

Her story changed multiple times by her own admission. She was charged with hindering the prosecution and pled guilty to criminal facilitation in her mother’s murder. She faces 6 to 18 years in prison.

Christian faces life without parole.

Shatura, for her part, still loves Christian and sends him letters and Christmas cards. The two hope to raise the grandchildren together one day.

God help us and those children.

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  1. I went to elementary school with shatura. She beat me up when I was 7. and also would steal my sisters food. She is the closest thing to hell that I know

    • Christina please contact me is e very important. Shatura murder her mother. I was at the trial every day and she’d getting off and he gets life without parole. I can tell you everything please get in touch with me

  2. It was obvious that this girl was evil from a very young age . Being in the same class with one of my children , I witnessed it first hand all the way up to 12th grade . She would steal anything and everything even a coat off my kids chair and deny it all. She wrote a letter to my child in school saying how she wants my 2nd grader dead and expressed enormous hate . I can’t tell u how many times I was up at that school about her and fearing for my children’s safety . I spoke to Mrs Simonee numerous times on the phone about Shatura and she knew her daughter was a big problem , I felt very bad for the mom , she came across as a very well mannered and strict mom , a very good mother who went above and beyond to give the best to Shatura. I hope she gets life in prison for what she did but more so, I hope visions of her mother pleading for her life, dying on the living room floor plays constantly in her head and she suddenly has a conscience that will mentally torture her every second of every day for the rest of her life . Then she takes her last breath and returns to hell where torture, pain and oh yes, hammers awaits her .

    • The poor mother. So tragic for the grandchildren. The daughter was born with some missing wires.
      That is the problem, -she doesn’t have a conscience. She can get up to 18 years but I doubt she will unfortunately. Those grandchildren could be in her care again in five years.

    • Please all contact me this is so important.
      maureencourtney77 @gmail. com
      Please I was at the trial and he was wrong by moving the body but she murdered her mother. Please let’s get justice for Saundra and free Antonio after he pays for the crime of moving the body. I beg for your help

      • I will contact u only on the behalf of
        Mrs. Simonee. I would like to know how u r related to these people first.
        I and many others have witnessed first hand a real psychopath Shatura
        thru out elementary school and high school. What does it say when u get a text saying guess who killed her mother and everyone texts back at the same time SHATURA !!!! That says it all. Prayers for Mrs. Simonee, she was beautiful soul

        • I went to the entire trial and am a close friend of Antonio and his family. This trial was such an injustice. Antonio has nothing but love for Mrs. Simonnee and there is so much more I’d rather have direct contact with u. She is even eligible to see her children. Antonius biggest fear. His appeal was granted. She needs to never see those children or get it off jail. Please contact Me. maureencourtney77 @gmail. com and I’ll tell u everything. I beg of u

  3. Unbelievable….I don’t understand how evil and uncaring this bitch and her sick boyfriend are. I hope they never get out of prison and karma takes care of them with a knife and hammer.

  4. I was a student in Ms. Simonee’s class. She always said her daughter asked her for money, but I do know her daughter was also adopted/foster child…or atleast not her birth daughter. I pray for my cosmetology teacher and I hope she is resting in peace. I feel so bad for her son and her grandchildren. She was a stern, yet extraordinary woman with a great voice and elegance.

    • That is so sad. I really feel for the grandchildren. There is nothing that can be done for Mrs. Simonee any longer but can you imagine the trauma to these kids? I hope they have someone decent is taking care of them. It haunts me that these children might not have a fair chance at life without their grandmother.

      • hi was locked up with her and in jail she was cool but hey u never really know a person but her kids are in great hands ihave spoke to them and she speaks to them also they are very sweet kids to bad one say theywill have to hear this horrible story at that point there lives will change but i know god is with them and so is ms.Simonee
        who has talked to ahatura thru someone in jail and she forgives her and as long as she forgives her guess she doesnt cate what the people think about her…
        just sad to know i chilled with a person capable of letting someone kill there mom and not showin any remorse that scares me
        I love my mother to death and would kill anybody for her

        • She murdered her own mother alone and asked when she was able to collect the proceeds once the house sold
          Also she hated her and always said that it was not her mother

          • Maureen , I just read this and u r so right. She tried to do this in 7th grade by doing something to her moms car hoping that it would break down while her mother was driving it. She was taken out of St. Dominic school and put into Madonna Heights , a school for troubled girls for some months but then came back. She hated her mother u r right and this poor women gave her every thing in the world but Shatura wanted more.

            • Angela please contact me before this crazy bitch gets her children. Antonio has been granted a new trial please contact me please maureencourtney77

  5. I was also a student of Ms. Simoneee i am glad that she got justice and her soul can rest in. I was so hurt and still shocked to know someone killed her someone as close as her daughter would do something like that. Ms. Simonee was a loving person and always wanted something good out of her teaching. They both should get life without parole.. i hope the grandchildren are in better caring hands now

  6. This is soooo disturbing because I was in placement with Shatur and everyone can tell you we would have never expected for her to be a killer like this is so sad I knew shatura for a couple years and never seen her mad enough to be able to kill someone and her mother was a very loving and caring woman took her I and made shatur had every thing she wanted and needed basically spoiled her I just can’t understand where all this came from I’m so disappointed in Shatur and to call her a best friend is sickening I pray Mrs Simonee rest in peace and Shatur pays that’s is so sad I can’t believe what my eyes are seeing

    • Unfortunately without anyone’s opinions or any first hand knowledge of shatura history brought to the attention of anyone she made herself to be the victim and will be eligible to come home in three years. I’m begging for the truth to be heard. Saundra deserves justice

  7. I swore this was all lies. And here this article confirms everything. Wow. Ya think ya know someone. I would have NEVER thought shatura was capable. I hope they both rot in hell.

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