Pelosi Says Embrace Illegal Aliens Who “Make America More American”


Nancy Pelosi says we should embrace illegal aliens  who make “America more American”. These are our values, she said.

House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, began her speech at the Conference of U.S. Mayors, with a misstatement of facts about Republicans-Democrats being close to a solution on DACA and then abandoning it. She followed up by pontificating about her open borders policies and the alleged benefits of lawless sanctuary cities.

Her best line came when she said illegal aliens “make America more American again” and we should “embrace it”. These are our values she says.

How does she come to that conclusion? It’s a mystery.

Some of the people breaking into the country are criminals. Some are terrorists “from time-to-time” as Janet Napolitano said. Are those our values too?


  1. Pelosi couldn’t figure out what she’s trying to say, she looked so confused. She just doesn’t understand what the meaning of the word “illegal” is! And she said sanctuary cities help law enforcement. Say what?

    The best part of Pelosi’s rambling diatribe was when she said the president should know what he’s talking about, and the mayors all laughed at her. Even they understood she didn’t have a clue.

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