Pentagon Might Seek Legal Action Against Navy SEAL for Leaking Information Previously Leaked by Obama


The AP reported today that the Pentagon has reviewed the new book about the Osama bin Laden raid, No Easy Day, and they have determined that the Navy SEAL who wrote it has revealed classified material. The Pentagon might seek legal action.

The book isn’t out yet but one piece of information that has been leaked is that Osama was shot dead by the time the SEALS entered the room. There was no shootout, no Osama wife warding off the SEALs, et cetera.

One has to wonder if there would be a problem if the book agreed with the president’s leaked information.

How can this be classified in any case when Obama already leaked it, albeit dishonestly?

Shouldn’t we hold Obama, who leaked to the NY Times and a movie crew, to the same standard?

The SEAL already has a Fatwah out against him, does the Pentagon really need to do this?

Excerpt from the interview with the Navy SEAL: