Pentagon Wants to Balance the Budget on Military Families’ Food Subsidies


Military families rely on subsidized groceries they purchase at commissaries, but that doesnt seem to be a concern for the Pentagon. The Pentagon wants to slash the subsidies for base commissaries, making prices soar for troops and veterans.

The subsidies are as much as 30% off supermarket prices.

Nothing like changing the rules of the game midway.

Chuck Hagel made the proposal to Congress this week.

To “maintain force readiness” he said, the subsidies must be cut. He said this in all seriousness after recommending the army be cut to the size of Turkey’s army. “It’s a plan that allows our military to meet America’s future challenges and threats,” Hagel said.

After putting out a $4 trillion budget filled with welfare payments to favored groups, Obama wants to cut these subsidies from $1.4 billion to $400 million.

Military families have been counting on these subsidies and active-duty servicemen can’t suddenly leave the service if they find out they can’t afford to feed their families.

This is FOOD for military families they are cutting!

Full story at CBS News

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is recommending cuts to the commissary subsidies. He’s really looking out for the troops (sarcasm here).