People Arrested for Twitter Joking – Could It Happen Here?


Zhai’s Twitter account was silent for several days when his friend, Liu Yanping, became worried only to find he had reason to worry. Zhai and his computer had been taken away and he now faces 5 years in jail.

His crime? Tweeting a joke that was declared terrorism. Any dissent against the ultra-sensitive commies is terrorism.

Zhai Xiaobing’s Nov 5 tweet suggested the next movie in the “Final Destination” horror franchise would be about the Great Hall of the People collapsing on party delegates. The tweet said, “An earthshaking debut will be seen at the global premiere on Nov 8!”

There is now a huge outcry from hundreds of Chinese Internet users in support of Zhai. If he gets out before the five years are up or even after, his joke telling days are over.

That is China, but could it happen here? I never thought we would be copying their practice of aborting baby girls and we are.

In Bahrain, the king was insulted and arrested the man who tweeted the alleged insult. If you insult the king, you will serve months in jail.

An industrialist was arrested on Tuesday on charges of posting “offensive remarks” against Union finance minister  P Chidambaram’s son Karti Chidambaram on micro-blogging site Twitter. S Ravi, 46, who runs a packaging unit at Sederapet Industrial Estate in Puducherry, in a tweet  on October 19 alleged that Karti had “amassed” more wealth than Robert Vadra, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law. In another tweet on the same day, he said “as a Tamilian” he felt “bad to have sent P Chidambaram’ to national politics”.

Our administration is attempting to silence speech that is not PC. We can’t tell jokes if they offend anyone because it’s not PC.

The Obama administration put a man in jail for uploading a ridiculous video [Nakoula Basseley Nakoula]. There was a prior charge that prevented him from touching the Internet, but even pedophiles aren’t put in jail for a year because of a violation like this.

We are losing our first amendment. Look to the commies for our future.