Perfectly Awful Jorge Ramos Defends Lawlessness and Criminals in the U.S.



Univision commentator Jorge Ramos defends sanctuary cities and is opposed to deporting illegal criminal immigrants or any illegal immigrants for that matter. Jorge defends lawlessness and, unfortunately, he has the ear of 97% of the Hispanics in this country. That makes him a serious problem.

His latest assault on American law is to make it clear he does not support Kate’s Law. He claims that it hurts all illegal immigrants by somehow stereotyping the Hispanic community.

Should we then stop arresting all white citizens who commit crimes because it might stereotype whites as criminals?

He has no loyalty to the United States whatsoever and he has absolutely no respect for our rule of law. Oddly, he never criticizes his country of birth where they treat illegal immigrants brutally.

Jorge never gives credit to Americans for the kindness they extend to illegal immigrants. The generosity of Americans is one of the reasons illegal immigrants come here.

Kate’s Law only addresses criminal illegal immigrants who have come into the country multiple times and it in no way hurts the Hispanic community. That is an absurd generalization.

Jorge is pretending it’s only one woman who was murdered, greatly understating the extent of the problem for propaganda purposes.

Jorge Ramos will protest this law and all laws regarding illegal immigration as he continues to betray the country whose laws he swore to uphold during his naturalization ceremony. Obviously, it was meaningless to him. He’s not simply an activist, he’s actively opposing our rule of law.



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