IRS Power over Your Healthcare & Personal Information



The IRS, an arm of the Executive Branch, will enforce 47 Obamacare tax functions and they will enforce the Individual Mandate. Next to HHS, the IRS has the most responsibility for executing the Obamacare law. The Obama administration is hiring thousands of new IRS bureaucrats to collect and monitor your personal information to accomplish this task.

The IRS is also writing rules addressing your healthcare.

The rules are being written as we speak and they are being written to circumvent Congress and the SCOTUS. In other words, the IRS,  an arm of the Executive Branch, is legislating from the Treasury.

The IRS will ask for your personal identifying information beginning in 2014; they will monitor all your personal finances; and they can take all your money. They can do all this without a court order thanks to the power given to them by the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Thanks to Obamacare – the Affordable Healthcare Act (PPACA) – the IRS no longer has to obtain a court order to access your personal finances.

The federal government has specific access to individual bank accounts and medical records as provided by that individuals health plan according to the PPACA:

  • The government is allowed to monitor any individual’s finances and medical records electronically, for the purposes of determining an individuals eligibility for certain programs under the bill.
  • They can monitor an individual’s finances and medical records to ascertain whether that individual has health insurance and is making regular premium payments to an approved health insurance plan; this will allow the federal government to determine each individual’s financial responsibilities with respect to penalties and fees prior to or at the point of care as outlined in the bill.
  • As a result of the previous clause, the government has the ability to transfer funds electronically to or from an individuals bank account for the purposes of debiting his/her account for fees and penalties. The stated purpose of this clause is “to reduce the clerical burden on patients, health care providers, and health plans.”

There is more.

The IRS is writing rules to mandate the “shared responsibility” of businesses who are trying to find creative ways to survive under this law’s oppressive regulations. Read about it at Forbes

Then there is this law-evading rule underway: As permitted by SCOTUS, states can refuse to set up healthcare exchanges. Thirty-one states have refused to set up healthcare exchanges because it was not beneficial for them to do so. The federal government has to set up the exchanges for these 31 states and they do not have the funds to do it. Therefore the IRS is writing rules to force these same states to pay for the healthcare exchanges indirectly (the subsidy expansion). Read about that at this link.

The IRS gets to decide tax credits. Some on the left are already calling for tax credits to be taken away from religious organizations, churches, and other charities that don’t fit into the secular vision after the revelation that the IRS was targeting conservative groups. You can read about that in Newsday’s opinion article Wednesday by Lane Fuller. Mr. Fuller equates the loons at Westboro Baptist with mainstream religious charities. He is not calling for a cutback to liberal secular organizations.

The earned income tax credit is the welfare payment doled out by the IRS. It is the money paid out to poor Americans if their income falls below a certain amount on their tax return. A great deal of fraud surrounds this credit. The credits are doled out in small amounts without much oversight by the IRS, leaving it open to fraudsters who don’t mind filing thousands of returns. These same poor people, though they don’t all exist, will also receive the Obamacare subsidies.

The IRS will have all your personal identifying information unless you are Amish, a jailed prisoner, a protected group, or one of the other 4 million who are exempt from Obamacare, you will be mandated to fill out IRS form 2014 which asks for your personal information, information which will be made public. The information is being used to determine your compliance with the PPACA. It is also being used to hire thousands of new bureaucrats at the IRS to monitor and watch you. Read about it at the Examiner

The IRS has the power to tax anyone they want into oblivion and now they can simply take your money at will. They have access to all your personal and financial records which they can make public. You can contest this in court but by the time your case is heard, you will likely be bankrupt.

The IRS and and the PPACA