Peru Picks Chavez-Style Commie


Ollanta Humula

The winner of Peru’s Presidential election, Ollanta Humula, is a Chavez-style politician who plans to redistribute an economy that is finally taking off. He, like Chavez, is a communist who pretends he is not.

“Shares of South American banking company Credicorp Ltd. plummeted Monday over fears of political discord in Peru. Raymond James analyst Federico Rey Marino downgraded the company’s shares after a former leftist army officer, Ollanta Humala, narrowly defeated the daughter of disgraced Peruvian ex-President Alberto Fujimori in the presidential election.” “…Ollanta Humala told supporters Sunday night he’d work to convert a decade-long economic boom that is the envy of Latin America into “the great motor of the social inclusion Peruvians desire.” He says he’ll do so by taxing windfall mining profits and exporting less natural gas so Peruvians get it cheaper.

Investors have pledged more than $40 billion over the next decade to develop gold, silver, copper and other mining operations in rich Andean lodes…”Read here: Peruvian stocks plunge

CNN’s five known facts about Humula:-
1. Humala is an ex-army officer linked to a 2000 military uprising.

2. Humala narrowly lost a 2006 presidential bid to current President Alan Garcia.

3. Humala has fought to distance himself from his more radical past and from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (full disclosure, Humula has been quoted as saying he’d welcome Chavez support in his past election).

4. Humala has said he wants to spread the benefits of Peru’s economic boom to the poor.
5 Facts from CNN