PETA in Virginia Kills 95% of the Pets


According to the organization PETA kills animals, in 2011, the Virginia PETA killed 95.9% of their animals which amounted to 1,911 deaths.

When PETA was asked why they kill so many animals, they said that they do not run a “traditional animal shelter” and that it puts down animals that are too sick or injured to carry on.

PETA kills animals says the claim is false and they cite evidence from the 2007 trial of two PETA employees who murdered animals in good condition and dumped their bodies in a dumpster. Witnesses at the trial said that PETA picked up dogs and cats from animal shelters in North Carolina and killed them before they left the state. PETA has never provided evidence of their claims of taking in only injured or un-adoptable dogs and cats and evidence indicates the opposite is closer to the truth.

PETA is connected to violent extremist groups such as the Earth Liberation Front. Read more: Peta’s connections to extremists

The President of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk, has intimate ties to ALF (Animal Liberation Front), an underground domestic terrorist group which seeks to free animals. They engage in property damage and petty crimes but have not been implicated in the deaths of any people.

In other words, they’re just nuts!

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