PETA: Pro-Hunting Yearbook Photos Could Lead To School Shootings


by Julie on Politics

The animal rights organization PETA is publicly criticizing Broken Bow High School in Nebraska for allowing seniors to pose for yearbook photos with hunting rifles and other sport shooting equipment.

The organization says that the photos “glamorize killing” and that they “are particularly egregious coming on the heels of the recent deadly rampage at a Washington high school.”

In a leap of logic that is shocking and disrespectful even for a far-left activist group, PETA claims that hunting and school shootings are linked because “time after time, when young people are involved in school shootings, they have a history of abusing animals.”

This is a complete non sequitur. Responsible hunting is a far cry from torturing animals, and it certainly doesn’t lead to school shootings. Broken Bow’s policy for these photos, as put forth by Superintendent Mark Sievering, specifically states that the portraits must be taken off-campus and staged “in a non-threatening and tasteful manner.”

Speaking with Fox News, Sievering elaborated further on the policy. “Hunting is a very important activity in this area,” he said. “We are a rural community and a number of our families participate in hunting, fishing, skeet shooting, trapshooting — it’s part of life here.”

Only a small-minded bigot would think that a child that grows up in an environment that appreciates responsible hunting is automatically destined to participate in a mass shooting. PETA’s comments show that they know very little about hunting and even less about America.


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