Pew Research Poll on the Muslim Faith



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The new Pew Research Center survey of Muslims found that only a handful of countries disagreed that Sharia Law should govern their country but most Muslims favor religious freedom for other religions.

Most troubling are the numbers of people who think suicide bombing is sometimes justified. It is much higher than I would have thought.

The study took 4 years and covered 39 countries and territories.

Sharia Law should govern the nation:

Afghanistan 99%

Iraq  91%

Pakistan 84%

Azerbaijan 8%

Suicide bombing is sometimes justified:

Afghanistan 39%

Egypt 29%

Palestine Terr. 40%

The study did not research Muslim opinions in Saudi Arabia, Iran (non-Arab), Syria and India because of unsettled conditions in the countries and other reasons.

At least half of Muslims are opposed to extremism. Honor killings are disavowed by most.

American Muslims are the most likely to have non-Muslim friends and believe that religions other than Islam can lead to heaven.

Most countries believe that a wife must always obey her husband.

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