Phoenix Pastor Jailed for Holding Bible Study in His Home

Armed police in bullet proof vests come for Pastor who was conducting bible studies in his home.

Pastor Michael Salmon and his wife hosted a Bible-study gathering of 15-20 people at his 4.5 acre property since 2005 but in June at 10:30 in the evening about 9 armed police officers raided the pastor’s home and threw him in jail.

Overkill? Religious persecution? Police abuse?

The bible-study room is set up like a church and that seems to be a no-no even if it is in your home.

The pastor was told it was over building codes and respect for neighbors. The respect for neighbors means a neighbor complained.

The Salmons weren’t making noise or creating parking problems for the neighbors.

The code apparently allows parties – any kind of party, tupperware, rowdy teenage parties, any party – without a problem but not bible study.

The police said the Pastor can’t have people coming continuously unless he becomes commercial but people can have parties continuously.

The Pastor made some attempts to meet the requirements but did not want to become commercialized for holding bible study in a room that is set up like a church but is not a church. As a result he was arrested, jailed for 60 days, fined $12,100, and will be put on 12 months probation.

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Police abuse? Government gone wild? The government can now do anything they want to you. There will always be a law they can dig up if they want to get you.