Phoenix VA Hospital Let Veterans Die – Another Broken Obama Promise


Sharon Helman

Sharon Helman

The Phoenix VA Hospital allegedly covered up the deaths of as many as 40 veterans who died because of a scheme in which the hospital kept two lists of patients, one of patients who received care, and another of patients who were put on a secret waiting list.

The list of patients who were tended to went to D.C. to show the hospital performed their duties and the other list was a secret waiting list of people who weren’t seen unless their name came up again within a 30-day window – they were not put into the computer.

Some veterans died waiting to be seen.

A whistleblower, Dr. San Foote, a retired VA doctor, explained the system which began in February 2013 to Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File Thursday evening. Dr. Foote said he believes more than 40 vets have died since this scheme was instituted.

It might have been a scheme orchestrated by a Sharon Helman, Chief of the Phoenix VA Hospital, to make their numbers look better. Many besides Ms. Helman knew of the plan. She was appointed in March 2012. Giving a woman a job because she’s a woman might not always be the best idea. Ms. Helman has continually denied the accusations it must be pointed out.

Dr. Foote’s accusations are now backed up by other officials.

If true, why did this go on for over a year, or even a day, without anyone saying anything?

Arizona’s two U.S. Senators are calling for a congressional investigation.

This is what happens in a Big Government system with amoral guidelines that are based on cost analysis and not on the inherent value of human life.

This is not believed to be endemic in the VA Hospital system, however,it will happen again, especially in ObamaCare. Seniors are already drawing the short straw in Medicare because of the money taken out in future payments to pay for ObamaCare.

Listen to Megyn Kelly interview the whistleblower:

Listen to one possible victim’s daughter:

Barack Obama promised to cut the “red tape” at VA Hospitals and build a better VA:

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