Photographic Snapshot of Anti-Hate Counter-Protesters in Boston


We begin with a photographic snapshot of Saturday’s counter protest of about 40,000 leftists. They went to Boston Commons to silence about 300 free speech protesters. We have a few clips of the anti-hate, anti-bigotry leftists in action and follow up with a few clips.

Some might call these people subversives, others, like CNN, will whitewash them as people who are trying to find peace through violence.

How much more obvious do communists have to be. Check out the commie fists.

Just being a Trump supporter was enough to draw abusive taunts. The leftists had to constantly be told not to be violent.

One of our regular readers, Greg J., described a scene in which police kept people from taking to the stage at the free speech rally. One person was wrapped in a Trump flag and he was with another man who was wrapped in an Israeli flag. These two men were being verbally assaulted by a mass of people.

Also from Greg J, a snapshot of the peaceful, tolerant people:

This was the incident that left the women so upset:

The leftists bullied and threatened the people rallying for free speech.

Violent Antifa communists are being cheered.

They turned on police. There were 33 arrests. The leftists threw bottles or urine and rocks at police.

Remember when the hard-left was out protesting and they cheered Hitler quotes by a man who was putting them on? They’re mindless. That was only months ago.


  1. Yes, the political side of mankind is a continual replay. Saw such silliness in the 1960’s. Yeah, I know which makes me a grumpy old man. It’s difficult to see how people are played. The masks are a new thing. I associate them with outlaws (look up that word BTW) and these folks if they aren’t aware of it, apparently, want to emulate terrorists.

    Since I no longer watch TV, I can only imagine how all this stuff is portrayed in the Mainstream Media. There is evil working in the hearts of many.

    WASS-OYS (We Are So Screwed-Oh, Ye, Suckers!)

  2. That third photo down with the lady holding the “I disagree with”, “I support free speech for” sign shouldn’t be listed as a “subversive”…that might be the most common sense, pro-American sign in the bunch.

      • Her sign underscores the concept and importance of free speech in America…that you have a right to express your opinion, regardless of whether or not I agree with it. How is that related to Communism?

        • The First Amendment protects free speech, even if it’s hate speech, as long as it’s not inciting violence. So the sign is technically correct. Now whether or not she’s implementing those beliefs correctly is a different matter. One thing that I did notice, however, is that she’s clearly a patriot as she painted the American flag (albeit poorly) at the bottom whereas Antifa has been burning American flags and, as you can see above, burning signs promoting free speech. I don’t know where she stood at this rally but the beliefs on the sign are in line with conservative values.

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