Wild Pigs Kill ISIS Terrorists As They Set Up Death Traps for Locals


This is a feel good story. Pigs have joined the fight against ISIS!

On Sunday, a herd of the wild critters saw some ISIS militants setting up an ambush outside the town of Kirkuk, in northern Iraq, and apparently decided there would be no more killing of innocents on their watch. The Times of London reported that the hogs charged the terrorists, killing three and injuring five.

Sheikh Anwar al-Assi told the newspaper the militants, over a three-day period prior to the attack, had executed 25 people who were attempting to flee the caliphate.

As ISIS militants were preparing a set up a trap to kill the locals, the herd of wild boars came out of the woods and tore into them.

What could be worse or better, depending on your perspective, than pigs killing radical sharia-following Islamists?

Unfortunately, ISIS is now running around trying to kill all the pigs.

This might be a useful weapon for Secretary Mattis in the future.


  1. I read of another recent incident where three lions attacked terrorists as they attempted to behead Christians.

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