Plan B Could Be Behind the ‘Blame Russia’ Frenzy, Rigged Polls, State Control of Media



The latest polls show 63% of voters believe Clinton is overly secretive though she constantly says she is the most transparent candidate ever to run, 55% said she was corrupt, and 52% said she was “extremely liberal.”

Hillary is greatly distrusted, yet she is all but declared the winner and picking up steam.   The NBC/WSJ poll showed her 11 points ahead nationally but they polled 14% more Democrats. George Soros has lawsuits going in all the swing states to extend voting and eliminate voter IDs; CA governor Jerry Brown has mixed illegal immigrants in with citizens in the voting data base. The only reason to do any of this is to corrupt the vote.

Many believe that the polls are rigged as they were for BREXIT.

Some now say that there is a plan B and it is so interesting an hypothesis, given the release of the FBI documents and the Wikileaks revelations, that it must be considered.

It is especially interesting given the hysterical media responses to Donald Trump when he says the election is rigged.

The media is in charge of rigging the public discourse in favor of Hillary Clinton this election.

Plan B, some believe, is to call the election a fraud — should Trump win by some fluke — and blame it on the Russians, even if it causes a war.

These are people who let unvetted foreigners pour into our country in an era of transnational gangs and terrorism. Our safety is not their priority.

Indeed, Barack Obama has already stated that he will launch a cyberattack on Russia and Hillary has also said she would use military action against Russia over cyber attacks.

The media is on a blame Russia frenzy and all are repeating the same line. We know something is up. Some say it is so the Feds can take over the elections but it might be worse than that.

Wikileaks has shown us the media is an arm of the Democrat Party. They aren’t even trying to hide the fact.

The Washington Post ran the story that Russian hackers targeted the Arizona primary. CNBC is carrying the story that Russia will hack the elections. Obama has outright accused Russia of targeting the Democratic National Party (DNC). The BBC is covering the story. Hillary made it an issue in the second debate with Trump. The New York Times is carrying the story as is Reuters as if it were fact.

DHS chief Jeh Johnson is taking about the Feds taking over state elections via a resolution.

Democrats are warning foreign governments and hackers that cyber attacks against the U.S. will be treated like any other, even if it leads to war.

Why would they be willing to start a war with a nuclear Super Power over alleged cyber attacks as both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have threatened? To stop Trump?

The source articles for this include a brief explanation of how absurd it would be to think Russia would leave any trace, a fingerprint, if you will, so they could be nailed when it is very possible to not do that.

The Democrat Party, which is not the party of our forebears, has moved hard-left, and will never let Donald Trump enter the White House when they are on the precipice of achieving their goals. They will do anything to stop him.

The authors of the two articles suggest that Obama will declare the election a fraud as part of his plan B should Trump win against the odds.

They see Obama not leaving and at some point stepping down and putting Joe Biden in place.

Is it so hard to believe? Especially now that we know of the corruption in every government agency and in the media?

In the Podesta files, we see emails calling for a North American Union and for state control of all media to produce “an echo chamber” for Progressive agenda items. These people want power. Will they do anything to keep the power they have to obtain more?

Something is up. That much we know. What is your take?

Source articles: Armstrong Economics and Russia Insider


  1. i’m sure there is a ‘plan b’ and a ‘plan c’ as well. does it involve accusing russia; the media has made sure that the less discerning among us believe mr. putin already has his finger on the button, the dnc may be a lot of things but it is not peopled by slackers.
    the question then becomes why would they go to such lengths if (as the pundits insist) ms. clinton already has the electoral votes locked? perhaps the outcome isn’t nearly as done a deal as we’re led to believe… 😉

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