The Plan to Bring Ted Cruz Back as Leader of the Conservative Movement


cruzTexas Sen. Ted Cruz, a former contender for the Republican presidential nomination, attended a dinner with more than 20 leading conservatives to flesh out his comeback as a movement standard-bearer in the order of Ronald Reagan.

The Hill reported that a dinned held in the home of conservative activist Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, was held with 20 leading conservatives to discuss Ted Cruz’s future after his loss to Donald Trump in the presidential primary.

They are planning a way to set him up for a future presidential campaign from his position as senator.

“There was just discussion of the future of the movement and the future of Ted Cruz as the leader of the movement,” Bozell told The Hill.

“There are a lot of similarities with Reagan in ’76, where Reagan came very close and then in ’80 won the presidency,” he said.

“It wasn’t a function of ignoring [Trump] or he wasn’t worth our time. … There were people in that room who’ve taken different positions on this race. You’ve got the Never Trump and you’ve got people who are for Trump in that room.

“I wanted to keep the focus on the future of the movement and Ted Cruz.”

Bozell said he derived “a feeling of enthusiasm for [Cruz] going forward.”

“He was with kindred spirits, and I would say most people in that room see him as the leader of the conservative movement.”

The Texas lawmaker has not yet endorsed the billionaire businessman, but has pledged to use his leverage at the GOP Convention in July to ensure “Judeo-Christian principles” remain on the party’s platform.

Senator Ted Cruz is becoming the leader of the Conservative movement for some top Conservative leaders.


  1. I consider Cruz’s blaming of Trump for the Chicago riot to be unforgivable. Cruz never apologizes. Cruz chose to run against Trump. He did not run against out of control spending, out of control immigration, bad trade deals, … plus he teamed up with the progressive Glenn Beck. During the period in which he tore down his good senate record and revealed himself, we learned of other things, such as his close Bush association and his wife’s involvement in globalist trade deals. Those people meeting should have devoted their time to defeating Hillary instead of preserving their so-called conservative movement which conceded everything to Obama. This is a very inappropriate time for them to be trying to prop up their little empire.

    • Wow, you are truly IGNORANT, that…or just stupid. No facts to back up anything, and Cruz was perhaps the ONLY Republican that tried to stop Obama. That you get to la-lar for a lifelong Democrat that has not even a child’s grasp of how Government works, well, that’s America..but, when you make a statement that stupid, don’t be surprised when everyone with two brain cells laughs and calls you a fool..

    • “The progressive Glenn Beck”? Are you on crack? Cruz never blamed Trump for the riots in Chicago….another internet myth perpetrated by the Orange faced Trumpsters out there. It’s O.K. though, as Trump goes back on everything he’s promised you, you’ll come around,,,,,(and pretend like you never fell for his crap.)

    • You are an idiot V.Lombardi! Cruz stated facts and your candidate is the idiot who attacked Cruz, his wife, his dad, and even his daughters in various ways! Your progressive democrat liberal New Yorker will never win thanks to his plan to destroy our country and our Constitution and his plan to default on our debt! FYI the dealings you talk about with his wife Heidi are nothing more than a dissenting opinion on Global control of our Markets! Take your Liberal Democrat, Donald Trump and his progressive agenda and shove it where the sun don’t shine! Take your smear job and save it for your loss at the Convention where DT will not get the nomination!

    • Surely you live in an alternative universe where whatever you just said is true, however in this one, the reality where we live everything you said was full of crap!

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