Plan to Kidnap More Israelis

Mahmoud al-Zahar
One Israeli soldier was exchanged for over a thousand Palestinians. Hamas allegedly now has a plan to kidnap more soldiers.

The Hamas Chief, Mahmoud al-Zahar, was asked  in a radio interview whether the exchange demonstrates value in nabbing Israeli soldiers.

The Hamas chieftain replied: “Then Palestinian Authority in Ramallah negotiated for many years and they failed to release anybody. Now by the kidnapping (of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit) and the release, the Palestinian people succeeded to set free this number (of prisoners) by this way.”

He continued, “I think it’s good for the Israelis to think thoroughly solve the problem smoothly and not to give a chance for the repetition of this event. It is wise for the Israelis to schedule the release of the rest of the Palestinians.” Read here: Klein online