Planned Parenthood Deplores the Utter Failure of the GOP Self-Analysis



Planned Parenthood is unhappy with the GOP’s self-analysis of their failures during the last election cycle because they left out one of their most egregious errors – support for baby killing. Their VP couldn’t believe they’d leave that out.

Of course Planned Parenthood refers to women’s health and Roe v. Wade as opposed to baby killing since they are PC.

the hill

“The report appears to blame voter turnout operations, messaging, and other tactical failures for the GOP’s losses in 2012 and utterly fails to recognize that the candidates’ positions on women’s health were defining and decisive issues,” Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF) Vice President Dawn Laguens wrote in a memo.

“Candidates who would limit access to birth control, overturn Roe v. Wade, and defund Planned Parenthood lost in November because the majority of voters disagree with their agenda.”

Planned Parenthood thinks it is okay to drill a hole in a late-term baby’s head and suck its brain out if the parent is unhappy with the baby’s gender so it seems to me that the GOP should be listening to them: