Plans to Destroy Israel & the Infiltration of the U.S. By Islamists

If the Destruction of Israel Is Realized, the U.S. Will Be Next

Hizbollah MP, Ret. Brigadeer General, Walid Sakariya, describing how, once the Americans leave Iraq, then Iran, Iraq, and Syria will be able to wipe out Israel.

Before the pro-Islam people, like those writing for the NY Times, attack Rep. Peter King for investigating real threats from the Islamists, they should take a better look at what is being said on TV and in the media in Islamic countries. Here is a good case in point with Egyptian journalist, Ata Abd Al-Aal, who, in speaking with Sheiks in the U.S. has found that converts to Islam are growing rapidly in the U.S. Eventually, he continues, the U.S. will be converted into an Islamic Republic and the most important place for the future of Islam, after Mecca and Medina, is the U.S.

Here we have another Hizbollah MP accusing Israel of poisoning Egyptians and sending “AIDS girls.” This is typical of what appears on ME TV.