Please Tell Those in Charge It’s the Year of the Horse Not the Jackass


horse or jackass

I watched in utter disbelief as our Commander-in-Chief gave his State of the Union address this past week when he stated that if “he doesn’t get his way”, he will over-ride Congress and rule America via Executive Order.

And the idiots in congress rose to their feet and gave him a standing ovation!

We left England to flee Tyranny and yet this week we watched in horror as our “elected” representatives applauded as Dictator Obama deemed them useless.

I was waiting for someone to yell out “You’re a Jackass” and in fairness, maybe someone did, and we just didn’t hear it over the thunderous round-of-applause.

Freedom died and not a shot or shout-out was fired.

If that doesn’t turn your stomach, how about the story coming out of Utah where the teachers deliberately threw out over 40 lunches because the children “did not have enough money on their debit cards”. I went to school during a time when you either carried your lunch money with you or you brought your lunch in a brown paper bag. So maybe I don’t get the “whole debit card thing”. But what I do get is that the “adults” in charge (and I use the term lightly), followed “the rules” like robots and let kids go without lunch!

The most outrageous part of the story was that after they threw the lunches in the garbage, they told the kids that they couldn’t get another lunch because the rules are only one lunch per child. How does a lunch count “as one” if it was thrown into the garbage?

Can someone please tell these Jackasses that the kids got NO lunch!

I guess it was better to let kids starve then apply a little compassion and common sense here. I’m sure if the school allowed these kids to eat their lunch, most – if not all – parents would have gladly paid for them. After-all, they have to re-fill the debit card, correct? Or is that too logical? [Editor’s Note: The jackasses in Utah were suspended]

If that doesn’t get your blood pressure up, how about what happened on the streets of DC this week. A man was having a heart attack in front of a firehouse. The daughter of the man dying asked the two firemen if they were going to help and they replied that they couldn’t do anything until someone called 9-1-1. What? A qualified person is going to standby and watch someone die because someone else didn’t call 9-1-1 yet?

The man died because the two “firemen” didn’t get a phone call? You need a phone call in order to save a life? The two Jackasses are on “leave” while the incident is being investigated.

Seems to me that the people in charge of our lives no longer have common sense or compassion.

Unfortunately it’s We the People who are paying the price with the Jackasses in charge!